Hello Cryptonation!
I’m Luke, 29 yrs old, libertarian from Poland
Aberystwyth, Wales
Bitcoin, introduced to blockchain while learning about libertarian ideas
Get more educational opportunities, establish myself as entrepreneur, challange polish goverment in every possible way :wink:
Best way form of learning for me comes from people, so I belive this community has a lot to offer
Guidelines helps a lot

Very excited to get here xx greetings for everyone :slight_smile:


YOOOOO! CryptoNation.
Who is I?
Chad Westergom aka Metaman

Loction. San Diego CA

First crypto?
That Bizizity Bitcoin. In 2018 @7700. And DCAing ever since. Why? I bought because I saw the 17’ bull run up to 20k and was like I should look more into this Bitcoin thing. Saw the crash and thought that 7700 was a good time to jump in.

To the moon goals!
Im working on securing 1btc and accumulating some alts during this beautiful down market. Goal 1 btc that I will hodl to the moon and serious gains with alts.
Im learning trend analysis and am going to begin swing trading. Goal is to be a seasoned trader.
End game. To educate my children about finances and to be able to pass on as much wealth as possible.

Most excited about in terms of the growing community?
Im most excited about that yen.io! And getting everyone on board.
How did I find yall?
My journey here started long ago. Ha! Vice did a documentary on Bitcoin and that was the first time I ever heard of it, but still had no idea how it worked. The end of 2017 I stumbled upon a Tai Lopez video on ytube and he was just going on and on about crypto currency and the massive investment opportunities. At the same time I watched BTC go from 1200 to 20k and then back to 6k. Something Tai said that stuck with me was " Dont invest in something that you dont understand." I wanted to just jump in but decided to try and educate myself on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Found Andreas, crypto lark, data dash, and peta and decentralized tv. The rest is history.

Peace and good fortune to all of us!

  1. Who are you?

My name is phuong huynh
I was a nursing student, but i just got started with Software engineer career. I’m a total beginner and is trying to get into boot-camp.
I bootstrap my own side hustle for 4 years now and is tired of bugs and the lack of originality when i hire developers.

  1. Where are you located?
    San Francisco, California

  2. What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why?
    I first invest into ripple because I was trying to solve the lack of speed and cheaper payment option from third party banks.
    3~7 days bank wire is very inconvenience and high fees from Paypal merchant. Certain countries like Germany have very bad banking system that required customers to call bank to make payment.

  3. What are you “TO THE MOON ” goals?

My goals is to find out if it’s worth it to run a startup by working for another person like Peter maybe i have more insight about it.
Become an expert in the crypto field in term of investing in projects and advance my career in Software development.
Get to meet a lot of interesting personalities who i can spend time with
Improve my English and public speaking skills.

  1. What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community?
    Knowing that there are people who are “interested in learning” and exchange more “genuine information” in the web.

  2. And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)?
    I was an early subscriber of Peter Youtube channel because i was trying to learn more about the crypto space. To cut out the shillers and people who don’t know what they are talking about, therefore, i mostly only watch Peter because of his “track records.”


Welcome welcome! Make sure to sign up for the yen.io waitlist!


I have signed up when you first mentioned about yen.io, i’m mapping out a way to help contribute to your projects. I really like the way you present your project and your energy is what unique about you.


My name is Brian. I live in Newmarket Iowa My first crypto was bitcoin. If I could get to the moon politicians and centralized banking will be forgotten. I am excited on the networking possibilities this community enables as well as answers and know how. I found a link on a pinned on a youtube vid


welcome ~! :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Welcome to the show! Make sure to find yourself over to B90X!


thanks for moveing this to the correct place. Im still figuring this platform out :wink:


Welcome in the PUB Brian!
It’s great to have you here @blackgoose


its a pleasure to be here thank you kimchi


Brian, come closer I will tell you the secret.

Are you ready? :wink:

This community is the best group of people in the planet and everything what is going with YEN maan

Here you can hear even “Fuck you” which means only Love. But those kind of stuff you can find behind cellar door at

Once again great to have you here and have a wonderful day


I’ve introduced myself before but for some reason my IP address was banned living in Hawaii. I have since moved to sunny Orlando and have finally stumbled back into pub, due to Bitnative’s latest YouTube content.


Hi guys I’ve been hovering around the pub for the past couple of months but I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself. I’m Andy and I am from Melbourne, Australia. The first cryptos I invested in was litecoin and XRP, this was because I had a couple of friends that convinced me to jump on the bandwagon (no more uninformed decisions like this anymore). My moon goals is to live a block chained lifestyle and to one day achieve financial independence.

I’m so so excited for Yen.io, i can’t wait to be using the exchange with my fellow Yenizens! :smile::rocket:


cheers mate. with all the termoil in the offing I think crypto is the place ta be. I just got here myself nice to make your aquaintence


Lots of new faces! Welcome! Glad you decided to join us and become part of this family. There really is no better place!


Hello everyone, the name is Khang, coming out of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Just joined looking to invest, advice, and understanding mining in depth. Everything here in Vietnam is just at a stall at this point. Electricity just increased. But I have a big advantage over rest of existing miners in Vietnam. I’m in partner with a solar company. I’m trying to find a way to invest the excess inventory of solar panels that I have. In short terms, I’m in for the long run. If anyone has ideas or liked to joined lets chat. Any advice would be great.


Hello @Khang Welcome. Best answer for your question will be to go through B90X

Great to have you here brother


Thanks and nice to meet you and be in the group


Welcome @Khang ! Great to have you with us! We also have a mining chatroom (among other chatrooms) on discord. You can get access to that via Patreon.com/pub.