glad you’re here! @Bitnative is the jam!


glad you’re here friend! awesome!


yayyyy! glad you’re here!


Efrain Morales
Los Angeles California
First crypto was Litecoin it was the cheapest coin on coinbase thats why i got it at $100
My moon goals are to get the most bitcoin i can to be financially free
I’m excited about this growing community because i want every one and my self to accomplish our goals by helping each other
I found about the bitcoin pub from the youtube channel


Welcome. Glad you are here!


Thanks. Now I just have to figure out how to navigate though this place, lol.


Thank you! I’m so glad to be apart of such a awesome community and movement!


OK ya’ll…My name is Franky and I be about my Crypto. I grew up a mixed kid (black and white) but I identify most with Canadian Spanish type feel.

Im heavy on Ncash and Garlicoin like many boss would be.

I make my duckets selling chicken Sammies on a truck but its all fo dat crypto.

I get the dip and sell the tip.

Tell Peter I need a job. My only true skill is miming and I make some fire memes boy. https://cryptotitz.tumblr.com

Alright ya’ll … you can call me friend and I’m happy to be apart of all of your parts.

Crypto Franky out


glad you’re here friend!




Hi everyone.
New here and fairly new to crypto, realised I need help and advice to get the best out of my little investment and came across the pub
There seems to be a lot of information here so I think I will learn a lot.:bitrocket::bitrocket::bitrocket:


First I apologise for taking long to introduce myself cause I registered for the bitcoinpub some time back. Like the saying goes “Better late than never”

  1. Who are you? Iam Brian Mugabi

  2. Where are you located? From Uganda

  3. What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? Bitcoin in 2017 . I learnt about it in 2016 but didn’t give it my time. So after I realise that it increases in value, I started investing in it. I wish I had bought in 2016 after I got to know about it.

  4. What are you “TO THE MOON” goals? To learn from the community here more about crptocurrency for example the tech and stable coins I can invest in. I aslo look forward to applying the tech knowledge I get from here to build an information system of building material products on the blockchain in my country etc. Also I need to learn development skills (programming languages that I will apply)

  5. What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? The community is updated with cryptocurrency tech and I think it is the right place to be.

  6. And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? Through bitesize youtube videos. I smashed the like buttons and clicked the bell to keep updated with new videos. I like Peter because he is a well learned man that shares facts about crypto unlike other people who just pump staff.


Hey there. I started my trip to the moon in February but things didn’t go well early on. So I HODL on. My bags are slightly lighter, but hopes are high for a bright future in crypto. My strategy is to invest 50% in the Alt Coins and 50% in BTC.

My first crypto purchase was LOL, LOL… XVG Verge. I dove in on 15 relatively small quantities of higher risk projects with future vision and/or a working product or use case. Ironically, the only coin I’ve sold is XVG. I have some general goals, but I need to work on them.

I’m just so impressed by the quality of content generated by Peter Saddington and the rest of DecentralizedTV. There’s a kind of symbiosis happening in the Pub and with the launch of Yen.io.

I heard about the Pub watching Peter’s videos. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn regarding crypto and blockchain in general. However its no longer a new thing for me. I will admit I check prices way too many times a day.

We are in Cumming Georgia but I’m originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area. My wife Jill is from Pittsburgh and we have a daughter 15, 2 doges and a cat.

We are all in this together. The engines are rumbling. Climb aboard.


Welcome to the Pub John. :beers: Sláinte mhaith! :cowboy_hat_face: We are a friendly lot here, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. As for advice - the best you can find is Buy :btc: Buy it at Cost & HODL :hodl: :rocket: Poke around, I recommend also signing up for YEN.IO and get on the waiting list. An exciting new upcoming Social Exchange. You can see the Beta Testing of the site at Sundrop.io :strawberry::unicorn::rainbow:

If Bitcoin Ever becomes as popular as the Guinness Brewery in Dublin we’ll all be wealthy! :wink:


Thank you for all that you have been doing and participating with in the :beer: Pub and for Yen.io keep those videos coming. :+1: :doge:


Thanks! I’m going to move away from Yen videos (unless individuals need help with videos for their Yen landing pages) and transitioning in into Yen education videos. Its going to be rad.


Scott, sorry I am having troubles locating the video I created. Sorry, sent you another wrong video. I will figure it out.

  1. Who are you? John Curtin
  2. Where are you located? Dungiven Northern Ireland
  3. What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? Bitcoin
  4. What are you “[TO THE MOON goals? To retire early Finacially secure
  5. What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? The ethuisiasm of the people who are creating this.
  6. And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? On youtube, I came across a video by Peter and I wanted to know more.


What up Yeniverse?
I’m Wayne, from Michigan
I started mining that bizity-bitcoin back in 2012…does that make me an old timer? I actually mined about 15 BTC before I figured out I could do anything with it, then proceeded to trade well in excess of 300 BTC over the next 3yr. From that success, I got into the eterium about the time of the split of the eterium-a-cwassical, and most recently lost my a$$ on GPU mining this year…anyone want to buy some rx580s on the cheap? :-(…
I found the Bitcoin pub from Peter’s daily dctv in my endless quest for crypto knowladge.
Moon goals? Open a high end, non profit flight school, using my students time to service other non profits like wings of Mercy.


More anchient personal history is survived stage 4b lymphoma in 2013 after 9 cycles of chemo, 3 surgeries, 2 clinical trials and s week in a coma :wink:
I’ve been a law enforcement officer, flight instructor, Corp pilot, Unix server integrator, Sr network engineer and restaurant mgr…I can’t sit still!