Woweeee… amazing. You have lived!


I’m on about my third lifetime already :smile:

  1. Adrian Giurge
  2. Timisoara, Romania
  3. Bitcoin, reason : loss of confidence in fiat money as they seem to devalue quite fast recently
  4. financial confidence
  5. seeing it grow
  6. dctv channel (youtube)


Welcome! Make sure to sign up for 10daysofbitcoin.com and our B90X program found here!


Peter Whatttsssssupppppwhatttttttsss…Yennnnnnnnnnnn. “YO” in spanish = I, need content i spanish, here to help let me know if you need to translate any content to spanish, Big fan of you and John work. Need to give something back to you Guys.
Thanks for the info and effort


Welcome fellow Romanian, please make sure you check Peter’s b90x series as well… Azi in Timisoara Maine in toata Tara!


thanks! sure, that’s my plan


Hello brothers and sisters (Yen nation),

My name is Robert, wife calls Robear or Bear for short :slight_smile: I am currently in the Southeast corner of Minnesota along the Mississippi river. The first coin I purchased was Bitcoin because I have faith in the original, one and only, Bitcoin!! My main “To the Moon” goal is to be a successful DApp engineer/developer. Faith and support from and within the crypto nation calls for my main attention, the innovation that will definitely transpire from the growth is inspiring as well as exciting. I found the Bitcoin Pub through bitesizebitcoin and decentralized youtube channels.

Thanks for being here!


Welcome @Robert_Rathman it’s great that you’ve joined the PUB
W love people with big, solid dreams and great sense of humor!

  • ScorchDojo, Darren Wood
  • Fargo, ND
  • Bitcoin was the first coin, lost it in a scam.
  • My goals are to pay off the debt, and be free!
  • I hope to get lots of good info and learn a lot about neo and other coins.
  • Watching decentralized TV on youtube!

  1. David
  2. Varies a lot, GMT or EST.
  3. BTC so far.
  4. Get my first BTC ( Almost there ! ) Clear my mortgage, retire!
  5. To learn, knowledge is power my friends!
  6. Watching Decentralized TV on the YouTubes.


I know the drill brother! :cowboy_hat_face: Back in 2017 I was eating a pill that cost $1K per day - for 12 weeks. Doc said :rescue_worker_helmet: No Bueno Senior! Working 2 grinds, and doing this Crypto thing. :rocket: Should be dead :skull_and_crossbones:, but that was like 4 lifetimes ago. Glad your here!! :balloon: :gift:

Life is a gift! Keep living it and I hope you participate here in the Pub :beers: and share that Knowledge! :blush:


Welcome David! Your in the right space. :cowboy_hat_face: If you have any :question: about the Pub :beers: or the lingo :yenicorn: I’ll be happy to answer your questions.


Welcome! :cowboy_hat_face:


Hello my name is Reuben from Nigeria, am new to this platform. I was introduced into cryptocurrency by a friend. Though I don’t have much never on crypto but am very much eager to learn and excel in it.


Awesome! Make sure to start at B90X and 10daysofbitcoin.com!


Hi, I’m Nikki, I’m new here but super stoked to take it all in:) I got into crypto by reselling it to 'ladies of the night’s on Paxful for Backpage and then just found myself enamored. I live in California. I’ve traded and made a little money but never really had the capital to get serious. Hoping to change that soon:)))


Hey Nikki (@Altnik417), so glad to have you here! Have a look around, the #beginners-help section is awesome.


Welcome to the pub. Lots of really good resources here. Check out three … icx, BZNT and hst. There is lots of info in the pub about these three.


Thanks, will do. I’m currently in Timisoara as well, so keep in touch. Perhaps we meet at some point.