@Angela I discovered Decentralized TV last year, in December. I never subscribed to the channel. But I have followed every single video for almost one year already. Recently (like 2 days ago) I finally subscribed, after becoming a member of The Bitcoin Pub here :orange_heart: Since I entered Crypto I read a lot and I consume a lot of information online too. But, I never subscribe to Crypto channels. Decentralized TV is the first one !! Honestly I loved Peter’s videos since the beginning. Decentralized TV is like a Crypto-School for me. A part of my life every single day !! I even send his videos to my friends !! For me, Peter is like an old-style Japanese Sensei. Very passionate and persistent, a person who believes in what he is saying, and who inspires BUILDING !! I’ve always loved the way Peter pronounces Bitcoin (like Beetkoin) :orange_heart: like it sounds in Spanish or Japanese, my native languages !! It sounds unique in him, though :orange_heart:


Haha, I didn’t notice his pronunciation before :slight_smile:


Hi all. Names Dan.

  • Another Aussie here. Located South of Melbourne, Vic.
  • My first crypto? Tough one (with out looking back on my trade history). I didn’t have much to choose from. It was an Aussie platform and I was given $10AU for signing up. So I traded that. I think was btc. Wasn’t much, but something from my measly jump in. :grin:
  • My to the Moon goals? Learn to intratrade proficitly is my main goal so far.
  • Learn and share advise with like minded members.
  • I came across the page, only from googling trading platforms. Pro’s con’s, fee’s etc.


The name is Brian, I work as a grocery clerk, study History at FAU, and write for fun (mainly about cryptocurrencies) @ thetapeworm.org

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA

First crypto I bought was Ethereum, to invest in an ICO actually, (shout out to Decentralized ID)

Main moon goal is to make some substantial gains on the coin I am currently staking on a raspberry pi (shout out to Navcoin)

I am quite excited about cryptocurrency applications for civic processes (voting, applying for taxes, verifying ID, government allocation of funds). I believe the decentralized nature of crypto has the possibility of streamlining the way government works, and also can allow people to be represented in a more direct way.

The decentralized and open source nature of crypto and its community are what excites me. It’s not only great to be part of a nascent technological revolution, but it’s also awesome that the community is generous, open, and willing to help. Hope to connect to more like minded people who embrace the ethos of decentralization and transparency.

Heard about The Pub from Peter on DCTV. I tune in almost every day. Dose of the Doge is excellent, lol


THanks for finally joining! 10daysofbitcoin.com and b90x program!


Hi everyone!

  1. Who are you?
    Rj Bernaldo, 30, Software Developer
  2. Where are you located?
    Sydney, Australia.
  3. What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why?
    ETH because of smart contracts.
  4. What are you “TO THE MOON ” goals?
    Right now, it’s just to launch the beta program of a product I’m working on.
  5. What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community?
    I love how a lot of people here are into automated trading. I’m excited to have in depth discussions about what everyone has been doing (and I hope I can share some insights as well.)
  6. And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)?
    I actually found it after it was shared here Coinfu.io - Automated Trading Strategies

I’m actually curious as well, how did you find coinfu.io @john :thinking:


Hiya ppl i’m Here at the request of thy wife glad to be here :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


Hey everyone I’m Chris. I’m based here in sunny Miami (originally from Chicago, though) and I founded a company called Coinplan about 9 months ago and after a few pivots, a few bad actors, and a few instances of luck I’m still running Coinplan and we’re doing better than ever! (I would love to share my product with this community and get your feedback :+1:)

The first crypto I invested in was BTC and then ETH (Portfolio is BTC ETH XRP XMR and XLM right now)
I’m most excited about understanding how everyone in this community invests in crypto and how they make investing decisions.
I found Bitcoin Pub on Patreon actually while checking out for my friend who might be starting guitar lessons.

Cheers friends!

  1. Thomas Mc Ginty
    2: Ireland Co. Mayo
  2. TRX in 2017! I think it was december 26. I was hung over from beer and a bit of the JOHN MCAFEE :wink: and i just said f*ck it I’m getting into crypto all i had was 38 euro in my account and then a week or two later TRX 10X GREAT START
    4.Would like to make enough to build a house and live comfortably. Also wouldn’t mind that LAMBO LIFE :heart_eyes:
  3. The change thats coming and how big a shock it will be to some people
  4. @peter been watching him for awhile and just figured today ild pop in and see what this is all about


Hello Thomas. Great to have you here @yank290