1. Brian Shroyer
  2. New Jersey
  3. First crypto purchased was Bitcoin! Bought about $100 worth when the price was 15k :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: main reason was FOMO. ive watched BTC since its creation, just never “pulled the trigger” so ive missed some gainz hahah
    4.My main financial goal is to pay off my house.
  4. Whats not to be excited about?! The opportunity to be apart of something life changing, historical. Truly exciting times!
  5. YOUTUBE, Decentralized TV

Welcome! We’ll see you on YEN.io soon enough!
Make sure to go through B90X!


Hi, I guess Ill participate.

I found Bitcoin Pub when I was researching new upcoming YouTuber’s in the blockchain niche sometime in late 2017. I’ve been subscribed to the channel since and have explored the forum out of curiosity from time to time.

I first heard about Bitcoin through Reddit and silk road discussions a long time ago, but somewhat fortunately and unfortunately only invested when it hit $2000.

I started writing about the topic twice daily in college for a personal blog I had at the time called Fiat is Flat too teach myself about blockchain, and got involved in the twitter side of crypto around then too.

I’ve changed my name a hundred times, but most notably and shamefully coined the term “Barting” in relation to Bitcoin price patterns. A now dead meme.

I took time off from school to follow the space as a passion and have been working with the meVu.bet team as a digital marketer and editor since around the time we only had around 4 team members.

Looking to sniff out news early by participating on the forums and continue to fine tune my TA beyond trading the barts.

Tucker Twitter: @Viewbull


Feel free to spend some time on b90x! Glad you here!


1.My name is Kierin i’m 29 and work as a data analyst
2. Switzerland
3. The first time I bought some btc was when it was around 250 usd in 2015. However, I remember telling myself that it was too volatile to be an investment asset. Bought the most expensive vpn subscription when you take today’s price.
4. My moon goals are to be able to be financially secure and be part of a financial and technological revolution.
5. I have recently started a cryptocurrency youtube channel to hopefully share some insights I have gained a long the way. Network with fellow bitcoin.publers and meet new people.

Have a wonderful day


Glad you are here! Make sure to go thru b90x!


Hello everyone! I am Darshan from Hong Kong.
I guess I am late for the party but anyways here I am. Newbie in crypto, just bought some Stellar recently and planning to invest some in bitcoin as well. I am interested to learn more about this exciting technology and make some money at the same time.
My “To The Moon” goals are to be able say ***K to my 9 - 5 job and start my own business venture.
I am excited to be part of this community where I believe, we will be sharing and growing in this crypto space together.
I found this community looking for some answer on how to get started on bitcoin living in HK.
I look forward to growing with this awesome community.


Hi Darshan! Make sure you checkout the B90X thread and welcome on board!

Tip: Coinbase is giving away free Stellar currently, check it out


Thank you for the tip! Will check out the thread.


Hello m8s,

My name is Pedro, from Portugal, i’m 42 years old and i’m just starting up mining. Bought 2 old machines to try it out but i’m planning to go a lot further. Right now i’m just testing. Lets see how the wind blows.


Want to make some more bitcoins? I need help developing my exchange and application it will run on. :smiley:

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