Hi Guys,

My name is Andrew S. Located in New York. First crypto I invested in was Ethereum because I didn’t know much and thought that it was a better “value” at the time. My short term to the moon goals are $50,000 for BTC and $1,000 for LTC (chuck coin). Medium Term BTC $200,000 or half the market cap of gold. Most excited that we are still early in the realm of crypto while becoming true pioneers in this space. Also, I am excited to share opinions on crypto as well as life and learn more about how to be successful. I heard about the pub from Peter. Decentralized Tv was the first youtube channel I subscribed to.


Glad you’re here! Make sure to go through B90X!


Thank you, sir! Great to network with more cryptophiles!


Minneapolis in the house!!


Hi People!

My name is Foday currently residing in Abu Dhabi.
The first crypto I invested in was Bitcoin, thats all I knew at the time, I have invested in multiple coins since then…

My moon goals… I am currently on mission to learn as much as possible about this new technology and economy, its all part of a five year plan to create a new economies consultancy business that will help businesses, investors and governments to understand, adopt and implement the crytpoeconomy and make the most of it. I also want to make a lot money doing that! :grin:

I have been subscribed to the youtube channel for few months and I am now excited to join this community so I can start learning and sharing with you all.


Hit up that B90x yo! Let’s get it!


Hi homelessmoses good to see someone from the minnie. Let’s linkup sometime and talk blockchain and cryptos :slight_smile: Which part of minneapolis are you from? I live in woodbury


Linkkoin cryptocurrency exchange.
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Hey, what’s up? I would love to welcome you, but I don’t know your name or a list nick …

We’re a like a family here, which, of course, support other members businesses but we definitely not adverts wall!

So @Linkkoin show us your face, change your nick, tell us why Bitcoin dropping right now in the right thread of course.

Introduce yourself, talk with us, give value, then tell about your business! Just a suggestion - not financial advice


Hi, this is an official account of our exchange, so then it would be hard to change it.
And why is BTC falling right now?

  1. The bear market. If BTC will copy previous bear market top/bottom price ratio, we will see BTC to reach like $2700-2800 bottom. Last bear market lasted almost 2 years, and so far each bear market is longer than the previous one.
  2. Volatility scale. The hype of December 2017 brought many random people to the environment who wanted fast and easy money. They forgot about a 101 rule - buy low, sell high. Then they brought the panic and havoc when a correction started.
  3. Result of panic was a ban of entire cryptocurrency market advertising (now only selected companies from selected countries can do that), what halted the expansion and adoption of BTC.

And yes, we promise that we will do our best to show the value.