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We need to all agree that BTC needs to die. Bitcoin Cash will Win?


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Funny quinceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Peter, I hope you can comment on your strategy of holding low performing coins. I just dumped my low performers while in a BTC dip. Dumped XRP, GNT, EMC2, BURST and (sorry) DOGE. It resulted in a really nice gain when BTC went back up. Now I don’t have to watch those depressing losses. I’m glad I did it.


Think, I sold off some too in the past couple weeks to fund my NEO habit, I still like them and may buy some back at some point, sold off my Lisk, Ubiq and Nxt, my Gnt wasnt worth enough to bother selling (yet?).




IS $XRP going to remain a low performer? Recent news paints its potential in a positive light:

  1. Pursuing adoption with the US Federal Reserve to be used in interbank pymts,
  2. Heard of one instance where a court settlement was awarded/paid out in $XRP ripple (however I need to research this a bit more before parading that statistic around),
  3. Ripple, as of today, acknowledging a deal with China - to be used for payouts.
    (4)>> ripple…china… NEO…China… Proximity is converging?

ppl’s thoughts?
Nice talking!


ripple is kind of against the grain when it comes to cryptocurrency and the decentralized system, however, I feel that ripple has something to offer, and thats high gains and profits. But I think its going to be a long term investment. it may hover around its current position for some time but i think when it starts going up due to there objectives being met like some that you mentioned everyone will jump back on the ship and will take us to the moon possibly even mars if they accomplish what they are trying to set in place with the big banking system. recently they posted that they are hiring and not just 1 or 2 more people. looks to be quit a few people there looking for which is good. shows growth and possible expansion in my opinion.

just my opinion, im willing to gamble with ripple. Some would disagree but thats the beauty of the crypto world. You just never know


Anyone following $QWARK?

Company is burning about half the supply of coins today (Aug 18), C&H is forming, and its about to launch to the moon.

Get in now while you can!!!


I am underwater everywhere. fuck this shit, trading is not for me
i pull everthing out
and go to bitconnect they say they give me 0.25% everday and up to 40% a day. isnt that amazing?


You need to stop chasing swings too late and learn to buy on dips and on break-outs.
You need to study your coin and learn to read charts and invest for the long term.
If you get in on a coin that has a large run-up and it starts to turn south just sell and get out as you might have just had FOMO and was following a crowd too late.


SUPPER NOOB QUESTION - although I am not but the way i do this thing seems stupid so surely you guys have a better idea.
I exchange on bittrex and the majority of my trades are from BTC to whatever.
How do you guys keep track of how much the transaction has costed you / how much in USD u paid for whatever altcoin.
I usually plug them manually to Cryptocompare but I feel that there is an easier way / faster to keep track in USD. is there a way on Bittrex ?


Check out

I think it will help a lot


Love blockfolio…so easy to use!


too easy…I find myself swiping down too much to check my holdings. I’ve only been using it about two weeks, but I love it so far.


I’m just keeping some ripple for long term, the charts show the same thing every time, a big pump and slowly going down for a long while, then again big pump and going down for long while but the new low is higher then the old low. We’ll see what happens, if it doesn’t go up anymore, well then that’s a coin I made a loss on, luckily the gains of other coins are bigger then the losses :smile:


Can’t get this song out of my head. @peter, you should use this for the intro to Bite size bitcoin!


Has anyone invested in Neblio? It just ended today. They say the platform is similar to Stratis but it uses multiple CPU language not just C+. If anyone has heard of this let me know.


I really want to hit the like button 1000 times for this!