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It has been an awesome experience to work in the Medical Mj Industry.
I hope I am allowed to do this but if you have an instagram account look me up and you can see my spoils!!
_howloudisit _


thank you, added and looking through the spoils now… oh man that is lush :yum:


Love it man. Checked out your IG! Where you located?


Colorado area for now :mountain_snow:


Add me on instagram, I should have some pictures of plants in the tropics here pretty soon :smirk:.


Keep it simple yo lol - - buy Bitcoin now, buy it at cost, and HODL that shit! #LearnDontTrade


Exactly. HODL is key. Never sell btc at any cost and only buy more if it gets cheaper


yo @john ! I saw yours on the stream today! Haha!


Hey Pub Peps, I have a nub question. I’m planning to DCA with The Dogelord on ICX and Im wondering which is the better strategy.

a) I buy $5000 in Bitcoin now and slowly convert $100 worth on BTC into ICX each Friday
b) Convert $100 fiat into ETH then convert that into ICX every friday

Is one way better?

To clarify the Question, what i really want to know is the proper way to DCA. Whether it’s BTC or ICX is secondary.


The proper way would be to throw in the 5000 now, then scrape together another hundred bucks next week. eb27ba89682c858ce6dd3c0939c89fddc45374b3_1_637x500



Hey, so i recently jumped into cryptoassests late summer just in time to enjoy the fall/winter run-up, but also just in time to experience or devastating January correction. Needless to say i am still up in my portfolio but nowhere close to where i was. Historically (2015, 2016, 2017) there has been another correction in March, many attribute to tax season in the US. I haven’t seen much discussion on this topic but the charts dont lie…

Is anyone discussing this? or have any advise…

my current plan: reduce 30% of my portfolio to fiat now, wait for the dip and begin to rebuy positions at a lower level, between 10-15% down turn. If the correction continues past that i will buy direct through Coinbase to increase ETH and BTC holdings.

Any comments, insight, advise would be appreciated.


How much is a fatty?
When one smashes a big fatty into a coin, what it the investment amount?


What’s up? You guys want to make our own BitcoinPub Smart Media Token?


6 days out, has your perspective on the situation changed?

I had not heard about the tax timing, but that makes sense. I have been expecting this level of chop, as it is par for the course of MOON. Some savvy, experienced traders I’ve met play the ebb & flow channel to stack more bitcoin, alas I’m not that good yet & there’s the issue of taxable crypto trades, so I just HODL & add more BTC when possible. The biggest concern of mine in terms of trading out of bitcoin, is missing the run up while sitting out. This 24/7 market sure doesn’t make it easy!

I hope you’ve made satisfying decisions and are sticking with a winning strategy. Cheers!


Good to see such an informative and friendly community within the depths of crypto!

I look forward to interacting with you all!


I use AltPocket.io and like it much better than Blockfolio. You connect via API to Bittrex, so no manual entry.


the Moon looks GOOD…oooooh yeah


mmmm, korean bbq…oooh yeah


Any thoughts on Golem?

https://blog.golemproject.net i just bought a small amount up 68% in 24 hours.