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Up 68%…That’s a very nice gain!


At the moment a fatty would be $20 in my case


Omg 15,000 BTC makes me wanna trow up!! at todays value thats around $119,315,700.00:rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket: not that much lol :lying_face:


Bitcoin is still kinda cheap so he’s not too late to get back in the game lol


Hey peter, did you delete your IG?,


hey guys I think this could be a positive but it will probably FUD the market. What do you guys think here in the crypto nation!!!


yep, I’ve done that. also lost 2000 scotcoin the same way 3 years ago but not too worried because I love life and money is replaceable :smiley:


I had a brilliant topic for a fantastic thread that EVERYONE could join in on - and i forgot it while checking for a similar existing thread… #NotGreatATRules… And that’s why I love twitter :smiley:


yes I think its the trend that too, I did the same, I’ve made more gain in BTC just sitting there, than I did from transactions during the week. It’s all great experience. I hope to be able to buy into it some more soon, now that I’ve done the groundwork.


QUESTION: If the Digital Seed is produced by an application, then the application designer has the programing code which determines the digital seed production, isn’t the seed in risk of been discovered by the application developer or the owner of the company who produces the wallet?

Thank you for your time.



hello I m new one here, I m still getting the hang of it


Been a bit busy, this weekend will find some time to check this forum properly


I think XRP and BTC will both do well, as will the privacy coins, some of the other platform coins, etc… each in its own niche. HODL all the coinz!


Why does this website eat up more memory when browsing on my 2013 MacBook Air and using safari browser?


Because we’re mining monero from you.


Hello I am new on the Water Cooler too


Agree, it is the moment


Anyone thought about the Pigzbe ICO coming up? I think it could be a great asset for the younger generation and introduction to cryptocurrencies. Any thoughts?


Hi my name is Juan. Need some serious advice please. I’m a paraplegic and got into crypto hoping to turn my family savings and therapy money into more so I can afford some modifications to our house and hopefully have money for stem cells. I started with $13k dollars and have lost most of it. I’m down to $3k now and I’m really depressed and worried. Well more depressed than what I normally am bc I’m 3 years into using a wheelchair and still not getting used to it. I just made my acct but have been on this site every now and then for months. I mostly watch Peter’s YouTube vids. The screenshot is the coins I have and it’s just been going down. I kept reading that selling in a downtrend market is dumb but it keeps going dow. I’m honestly worried that it’s going to keep going down and have nothing left at the end. Well 3k isnt much at all. What should I do? Should I sell now or keep holding or should I risk it all on one coin? I’m getting to a point that I’ll be broke too and will need to withdraw to cash too but have been trying to hold off on withdrawing bc that’ll make it official on losing all that much. Also idk even know how I’ll tell my parents I lost all of it.


Hello there, I bought Icon at 12$