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Strong hands. You’ll be fine buddy. You may need to wait a year to get to where you wanted but you’ll get there.


Hey, anybody know much about Masternodes? Or Jon Tarr?


You only lose if you sell. Hold on. Be patient. Much of life is hard work followed by a long period of waiting.

You’ve sowed your field. Wait for the harvest.


Hi Guys, I’m new here but not new to crypto. Some of the ICO that I have invested in is ShareRing (SHR) and Ethos. Please give me some good opinions if you have done research already.


hi everyone & everybody I am new here will have a great time thank you for the forum


Welcome “L” :grin: We hope you enjoy your stay.


I signed up like 4 -6 months back, never posted anything, never liked to use any forums, but will learn now.


Welcome. There’s a ton here, and feel free to post if you have things you want to discuss but can’t find.


bitcoin cash is a scam. BTC rules.
DGTX to the moon 1 january 2019

hello gang



Very nice, watercoolers are great.


Just wanted to say hello to everyone!

I’m brand new to this forum, and I came here looking for some help with a couple different issues I’m having. If anyone can help point me in the right direction, that would be amazing.

  1. Neon wallet. How do I back up my “private keys” and where do I find them?
  2. Best way to safeguard and store backup keys and my Ledger Nano s?
  3. If my cell phone dies, how do I restore my Google 2FA?
  4. I have a MXT masternode, that was operational, but have no idea how to get it back up and running? (computer guy that was helping me, i caught him trying to steal my crypto right in front of me, I confronted him, and he left town).
    Any suggestions?
    Any one here in the Atlanta area you guys/gals recommend thats super trustworthy and BitconPub approved?


A lot of those questions are already answered. Use search.


:vulcan_salute: Searching now :slight_smile:


Guys, I am still super new here :bowing_man::yellow_heart:
I love this community !! But I still get lost inside :smile::sweat_smile:
I wonder if there is a conversation on the topic of BITCOIN WALLETS.
I am interested in knowing opinions or impressions on the different wallets and What are the friendliest wallets ??


Hi @Glenn_CostaRicaJapan,
Are you looking for a mobile wallet, or a hardware wallet? If you are looking for a hardware wallet, I personally recommend Trezor or Ledger Nano S. But, be sure to buy directly from the manufacturer, as many fakes have been seen.



@Hansthered Thanks a lot for this info !! Awesome in deed :orange_heart: !! Right now, I am very interested in finding the most basic Desktop Wallet for Bitcoin !! Specially a wallet --or more than one— that does not require to run a full node. I want to be able to recommend it to people who have difficulty to use Crypto. For new people !! Some times I am asked by friends, by my own students at the University or by new people in social media. And I have found that I am not sure my self !! But, for now, I am interested in simplicity for people who want to experience their first wallet and their first Bitcoin account :orange_heart::orange_heart: !!!


Hi @Glenn_CostaRicaJapan,
Recently I’ve used the Exodus wallet with some success. But, please keep in mind that cold storage is the only real solution for any significant amount of coin. Hope this helps.


@Hansthered Thanks a lot for your kindness !! I will check Exodus. I know this wallet. But I have not tested myself. I will test it. If it is easy to use, I will be recommending it !! Thank you so much :facepunch::orange_heart: