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i have a notebook where i keep all log ins and passwords, just as importantly i also write down all daily trades, prices, fees. I note all prices in SAT’s, US dollars and Australian dollars. I even note the exact time in which i made the trade. At the end of each day i do a daily total of all trades.I lock this away in my safe every night. Ill have to check out the site CryptoSavage posted above though.


Bitconnect is awesome but I feel like you always have to watch your back. They can say bye bye any day.


is this to rebalance your portfolio?


same with me…please suggest what is Bitconnect plan how they give returns…


haha…this is awesome…love it…can i download it?


Hello all, just joined. Nick from Australia. I`m all about the NEO. Been waiting for it to moon since i bought in @ $25.


Dude, please be carefull with Bitconnect! It looks really scammy, and has all the bad signs of a ponzi scheme. They might pay out now, but at some point they might pull out and you will be all out of money!

Better to lose some small amounts while learning to trade, than lose it all to a scammer!

Check out what @RC383 said, watch some of Peter’s video’s (especially the one about technical analysis) and learn to predict the swings. I learned the hard way about FOMO swing trading, I’m currently a few hundred bucks under water spread across a dozen of different alts because of buying in at the top of a swing, and then taking a dive… Luckily I made some good calls as well to compensate for the pain…


Forgot to mention:
If you want to have an easy cash cow, I started following @peter’s advice on NEO/GAS today. I was hodling NEO for a few days now, but moved it to NEON to get my GAS on :sunglasses:

tl;dr: Buy NEO, Get wallet, move Neo to wallet, get GAS, sell GAS for NEO, rinse, repeat.


First bitcoin themed song?..


Sup peeps? Forget Neil Armstrong being first foot on the moon. Dat ain’t shit. Ima be the first lambo driver on the moon baby, yeyahh.


Hi everyone
Steve here from Los Angeles
Start-Up Investor
Found out about Bitcoin in 2013 same day
found a local meetup and made my first investment in BITCOIN and been buying even since
Peter i was one of the first people mining for Dodge let it go to the moon :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:
Been following youtube channel Love it
Love how active thebitcoin.Pub is :grinning::grinning::grinning::sunglasses:


hey peter…I loss my 1000 btc back in 2011 when my hard drive crashed …


Holy shit that’s some expensive hardware failure… Did you buy back in later to compensate for the loss? And how often do you make the calculation in your head of how rich you would’ve been?


@peter Hey Peter, I just wanted to say with the help of your channel, the spreadsheet, and the community that you have formed I have made $800 in the last 2 months. The dream is the now a reality and words cannot describe how awesome that is :sunglasses:


I don’t quite no what to say now lol


Just wanted to let you know how happy we are to have you aboard the spaceship! Get strapped in for the ride. Time to turn that $800 into $8000!


Time to get it back! The past is gone. Look forward now. So glad you’re here friend


Few days ago, i bought Neo, Monero, Lisk. Now, all of them down :frowning:


But have you learned something? If you did then youre on the right track, youll soon get over the loss. I lost $4K two weeks ago over one weekend, ive made that back and more and as a noob i learned a valuable lesson.

Neo, Monero and Lisk will eventually get above your buy in price, never sell at a loss.


Yes, i learned some lessons. I have faith in Neo and Monero, but still skeptical a bit with Lisk.


I’m in the same situatio as you are on a couple of purchases, but I decided to wait it out. There will be a day when some fool starts a pump, and then I’ll take my money…