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“Blu_Swade” - Wade C
Charm City, MD
Bitcoin, going with the leader estb. June 2017
“TO THE MOON” goal is to pay off daughter’s student loans
The sense of community, I don’t have to many people on my everyday that are believers. I like to surround myself with believers, positive people.


enjoyed that read:slight_smile:


I’m new here. What spreadsheet please?


Welcone! I just joined few days ago. We have somewhat similar trades as I’m a general home improve contractor in ohio usa. Mid 30s just coming off back surgery. Started reading buffet few years ago figuring out how to get out the rat race myself. Just didn’t realize I would be applying it to crypto lol. Been in for few months and making significant gains. Glad to have you in community!


Yea been trying to get some of my friends in but most are just living paycheck to paycheck. I’m doing better just hard to work like I used to being in a labor trade. Luckily I’ve stayed away from debt and highly self dependent. Having a loving hard working wife helps too :slight_smile: just wishing I had more fiat for crypto lol. Put in a lump sum few months ago and just dollar cost averaging every month. Been thinking about selling some timber off a small portion of land I own to invest some more. Need to put some money in my house to ready for rent though as my family is buying a chunk of land that we all may reside at. Get rid of mortgage and keep investing in ship to moon!


Not selling any of my classic cars yet lol. Been an obsession since I was a kid. Have a 59 tbird in garage now I’m doing a restore mod on. 50 lincoln I’m about 3/4 way thru metal and body work on. Was migrating towards auto resto for a few years anyways. May make a go at swing trading cryptos and getting more involved in community. Seems way easier on my back :slight_smile: what classic car did you have?


Awesome, love the black! Been thinking about painting my roadrunner that color…


Awesome! Keep it goin!


Yes I have invested my friend, I heard this as well fortunately before the ICO was over. Happy days for us Neb heads.


For anyone interested in psychology I thought I’d share this classic experiment. I’ll let you make the connections between delayed gratification, success and HODLing Bitcoin :wink:


how do I get my cash off a paper wallet without losing my btc


That’s for that… I just spent 30 minutes looking at funny animals videos :joy::sweat_smile:


thank you my friend for the encouragement


sweep it into a hot wallet on your computer or online and spend it have the change sent to a new address.


I’ve misplaced a good number of BTC from 2010-11. I am pretty sure I have it on a backup but… I have 30 external hard drives with files dating back to 1997… I had to nuke the OS on my computer from that period… put in a new hard drive but put the old hard drive [with the BTC] into an external USB case. Unfortunately, I moved twice since then and can not locate that freaking drive.

Let us not forget the guy in the UK who “threw out” his old laptop into the garbage and forgot to copy his wallet [containing 15,000 BTC].

Oh well… someday I hope to find this wallet. [Not 1,000 but 200-300]. If not… well… at least nobody else can have them



I wonder how many out of 22mil. Are lost? Any guesses 1-2%


Thx Paul—so can i move my btc from my paper wallet to my exodus wallet without losing my bcc then go about the process?


More that that. Satoshi has nearly 1,00,000 BTC and those are gone forever. So probably at least 10% are gone.


appreciate your time and help Paul! Being an encrypted wallet I’m guessing I first must go decrypt to get my PKey starting with “5” because exodus doesnt support bip 38. Ill follow directions you gave . Appreciate the support