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Is there a TL;DR on this? Bullet points as to why? So far I like manipulating the price on my live stream.


As far as I know, Ripple will be used by banks for transactions but XRP’s price will only rise if banks use XRP coin for their transactions and its showing no hope to me right now…


think im gonna cry, sick of this damn atmosphere


when will we receive the icon ico token i keep getting slack emails saying there has been a problem with the smart contract click the link or loose the token ect help team, when will we receive the tokens? should i worry ?


if there is not an announcement on the website dont trust it.


many thanks for the advise has anyone received the icon tokens yet ?


Yeh slack is becoming the new Scam bot from what I hear as I do not use slack i wouldn’t know. I do know that the UBQ team moved to discord away from their slack so that they have permissions for normal users.


Welcome Nick :slight_smile: Strap in because we’re going for a ride, 500 USD here we come.


A Random topic … relevant as Hell though …Your opinion is welcome !


Get that ticket to the big show!


All the way my man. All the way.


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This is a cool analogy


Banker Middlemen Segwit2x. Not a fan!!


I appreciate your video so much. As a person who believes that governments have no business in our day to day transactions; anyone associated with the old system is automatically a red flag & one I will stay clear away from. As for the Clinton’s; I will spare my rant on them. However; anyone associated with their globalist agendas I want no part of. I shared this across my personal media.


The thing i find most perplexing is the fact that we as citizens/society have become complacent in allowing these things to occur. Some innate desire to be lead and ruled among the masses. Certainly a stain on the grand scale of human evolution.


I understand your perplexed :confused: feelings. When I try to discuss this with my family & friends, they look at me blankly :confused: So I just respect their indifference.

It’s such a pleasure finding likeminded people here!


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Neblio is going to be huge!!!
I’ve got a few that I’m staking in my wallet earning 10%


Say hi to our newest member of the pub, @Sol_Christensen yet another (smart) person who just bought her first fraction of BTC