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very new… any recommendations for a wallet on Mac and a mobile wallet to play around. and what exchange is best for xrp and lite coin? TIA


Hey Cryptonation! I’m getting post holiday text and emails, that are flooding my inbox now, from Baby Boomer Generation family members. For the most part, they don’t understand and wouldn’t ever put anything into crypto. Some of them are googling and reading articles written by uninformed writers in the MSM, and try to tell me how much of a bubble it is. The articles are so poorly written, and are full of FUD. I’m not educated enough, and well versed enough as a debater to debate them. What simple methods would you do to reply back to them? Other than send them to thebitcoin.pub!


Ether is Trending. Yahoo Finance wants to know what it is now!


Anyone else seen this yet about Bitconnnnnnnect?


well I felt like we all agreed that bitconnect was a scam, right?


for sure… I’m not sure how this will impact them but it will be something to talk about :slight_smile:


Hello, all! Joined after watching the Decentralized TV videos on YouTube, but have only been involved with crypto for about 3-4 months. wHolding BTC, LTC, ICX long. Wish you all the best.


My daughter, Zoe, is quite a character. She is 9 years old and changed my name on my iPhone.

Check it out.,
When you ask Siri, “What is my name?”
This is the answer Siri gives.

I thought both of you @peter and @john would like that.
Especially @peter
They know the Crypto Nation because of Peter’s videos saying, “Whats up whats up, Crypto nation!?”


thats amazing!!! love that your daughter did it.


I’m excited to learn more on HODLing and trading cyrptos. I am currently HODLing LTC!


so good!


Clayton here. New to Crypto bought 1 Eth back in December for just under $500 now already over $1000. I Know I’m late to the game for the most part but at least I get to see a little bit of it. I would rather be in the back of the ship to the moon then not on the rocket at all. Good luck Crypto Nation


ponzi schemes promisin´ payoffs turn me way off
we don´t fuck wit bitconnect that´s [inaudible] we made off :smile:

homie be droppin mad truth! :muscle:

so good! :hulksmash:


ponzi schemes promisin´ payoffs turn me way off
we don´t fuck wit bitconnect that´s [that Bernie Madoff] (sucka!)





      Whats some good Korean BBQ in ATL ??



Lol. Silly rabbit. :poop:


Gotta love the trolls


I wanted to bounce this off the community. They just posted an amazing coin tracker on here, which I was going to adopt, but I was trying to figure out a way to incorporate my cost averaging that I developed on my tracker. I wanted to upload my tracker while I work on that, in case anyone wants to try it out. If you like the averaging I used, let me know (based on the cost of the coins against a weighted average, then if part of those coins are sold off, the remaining coins are given that average and weighted accordingly against any new coins of the same type that are purchased). I did this so I could track a currency over multiple trades on one row vs. handling them separately at a transaction level. The sheet is basically for Binance and GDAX trading but can be expanded for others.
The script for BTC pricing was developed by a YouTuber called Crypto Gnar.
I built in importHTML for the USD pricing. It is imported from the CMC exchange-specific pages with an importHTML, so I can get exact exchange rates not an average.

Please let me know what you think and feel free to use it if you like it. It took me days to get a DCA calculation that would work, so I would really like to share it with you all.


Taking a look! Not bad!