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You feeling better? When’s the next stream?


Saturday most likely. I’m currently eating @CryptoMom chicken broth.


Get well soon and see you on Saturday then! (Can’t wait to hear if you’re taking a position in VeChain or not :slight_smile:)


Chicken broth for the win!!!


For the LUL’sDavorisNext


Hi, Peter told me to say hi here on the Water Cooler, so lets get to it. my name’s Greg from Thailand and i’m a certified fuccboi. i started doing cryptocurrency a few months ago.

@peter i used to go to the gym a lot but the past few months especially during New Years and the Futures fud made me lose track of my gains, but seeing you bench 3 plates for reps reminded me that i gotta get my gains back so i have to really thank you for reminding me that i can both gym and trade crypto.

you’re definitely my inspiration.


I suspected the same.
But @peter is simply a Koreaobot programmed for the pub grind.


Hey all here at the pub, I posted this to Peter’s latest video but I am just spreading the word. Wasn’t sure if you heard but a stock exchange app called Robbin Hood is going to be trading some cryptocurrency on their platform and they have zero fees, pretty awesome. I think it could give coinbase a run for their money with no fees.

Here’s the link.


If you don’t have Robbin Hood I would greatly appreciate if you would use my refferal link for it, you get a free stock when using someone’s refferal.


I wil have a look and see - ok will go onto Tor with a crap emaill address and then can analyse it a bit better


ok, it looks ok however this was the URL I got:

and it said no information available

Keep Away


Version 0.005 update: Moved from CMC script to ImportJSON script. Now all CMC info is imported into 1 tab and referenced from there.
Added to “Portfolio” Tab for each asset:
% from ATH
Market Cap
Column M is hidden but has 24 hr Volume if you want to display it (need to unhide).


Who are you? Christian
Where are you located? Los Angeles
What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? Litecoin, just because I wanted some of that space money :). Just bought a bunch, and forgot about it. Came to look at it when was its highest and was very surprised.
What are your “TO THE MOON” goals? Create enough space money to own my time, and travel world with family.
What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? Many smart people with incentives contributing to make this better, and buzz around what is being created. Many people sharing there experience, and being able to apply what I have learned in my life to this endeavor.
And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? Looking for good resources online, in youtube, and came across decentralized tv.


Japanese gov. is requiring that online banking company to reimburse 400M to the hack. My apologies if this is old news already, lol!


Alreet all … just joined im a gerodie living in London town … been putting into the alt coins for a couple of years now NEO is a fav … Gas it up!


These are the questions I keep telling my friends who sometimes invest and sometime gamble on coins.

This pub is a great community of people seeking to do good.


I just stumbled upon “DickCoin” on coin puffs :rofl:


Doge isnt for earning money. It’s for memes!
Btw, did u know that 1 doge = 1 doge?


Sorry I figure Id bring the convo to the water cooler before it gets flagged for being off topic lol
So what about yourself; do you live in the city, cave, out in the country, under water, homemade bunker or mountains?


I live in Sweden, in the central parts of Stockholm with probably one of the highest speed internet connections you could have. So pretty much as far away from the dial-up internet mountain life as you could come :smiley:

You wrote that you worked in a medical marijuana grow. Do you have good insight in to the industry? Any tips on investments one could look in to? Remember I live in a country where marijuana is illegal so I know very little about the industry, but I am interested in finding good investment opportunities in it. Btw, have you seen the Budbo project, any thoughts on that? https://budbo.io/


That’s pretty awesome I have an old buddy from Sweden and the pictures he showed me are breathe taking. I also know y’all are about renewable energy so Kudos friend!
Yea I have worked in the professional industry for over 4 years now.
Honestly I haven’t heard much about marijuana stocks or coin(projects) since its still very federally illegal in the USA but there are a couple around, I believe I saw a coin called “THC” that is based in Canada. You should check out what Canada has to offer, they will be federally legalizing marijuana recreational and medical by July so I know the industry is about to explode in the “pajgees”.
The company I work for is one of the biggest legal medical marijuana producer in the world and we are expanding everywhere. Canada is already in the works and we are waiting to hear about stocks so I would assume other mj companies based in Canada have the upper hand. Now you have really sparked my curiosity so I will do more research here in a bit on my breaks and when I get home.
Yea I have checked out budbo somewhat and they seem ok. They are still in there ICO stages and there whitepaper seems like it could work and be beneficial for smaller marijuana companies if they get everything right cause I can also see alot going wrong especially with the Law when it comes to transportation or being a caregiver via using there app.
I was going to invest until I did a follow up on there product which it is an app like tinder but for mj. The majority of reviews that I have read have been negative because the app seems to be on a loop when it comes to giving you mj options and the app overall fails frequently. I am still going to look into it a bit more cause the mj industry is going to be massive and the companies that are on the front lines trying to figure it out will be top dogs but at the same time we have to be very analytical cause they could just be taking advantage of the hype and then pull out. Not that I am saying they will do this but we got to be cautious!
Let me know what you find out!