Well: Healthcare Delivered

WELL is globalizing healthcare and eliminating country borders to directly connect doctors, therapists, psychologists and other healthcare specialists to patients worldwide.
They have access to 24-hour healthcare service 365 days a year and can receive medical support in their native language from leading doctors wherever they are in the world.

For more info: https://joinwell.io


We are having a webinar right now!


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What kind of patients will use this service? Can you give me an example

  1. The doctor will not be able to do any physical examination, take blood tests or do xrays etc.

  2. A doctor can not prescribe medicine to a patient in a foreign country. And a surgeon can of course not do anything with the patient.

If the issue here is “the native” tongue, is it not better to provide the patient with a interpreter? I don´t see why “the best” doctors would want to work on this platform.


Hello! Thanks for questions:)

  1. The project is about Telemedicine, online consultations via mobile, PC or tablet for instance. Imagine, you go traveling to another country and face a situation when you need medical help. There are regions where medical assistance is not that easy to get access to. But if you use the platform you can reach the doctor you trust and get a consultation you need.
  2. Sure, agree. But we can give a kind of “second opinion” on whether this medicine is necessary in that case or not.

I´m having a hard time figuring out what kind of diseases people would need consultations for. I mean either you are really sick and then you have to go to the hospital wherever you are in the world. Or its something minor, and then I don´t know when/why you would need to talk to a doctor in your home country. How could that doctor help you?

I can see this working for people that have some very rare diseases and want second opinion from the worlds best experts within that narrow field, but I don´t think you will be able to get all of those experts working for you. If you are able to pull that of, then that would be great but why then do you need a decentralized blockchain to this? You could do that on a any server. What utility does the blockchain provide in this case?


This is interesting. The real challenge is adoption. How will this happen?


Well, the platform and the services can be very beneficial for people with some chronicle diseases like diabetes, for instance, who need regular consultations.
Also I can name the cases when you/your family moved to another place to live (like another town or even country), but still want to consult your family physician if needed.
The cases can be really different. Telemedicine is really becoming more and more spread in the world.
What makes us different is that we want to add blockchain to make it even better, more secure and transparent.
Blockchain is necessary for storing data, storing info on the doctors, their actions (with that building their reputation on WELL platform).
Actually we’ve made a very good White Paper with all these features described. You can look at it


You mean how everything will work in the end?
Actually, even now WELL already works in California, but without blockchain added.
We have a very strong team, a good and almost ready product, and partners who are willing to work with us.
That’s why we believe that can succeed in all this.
What’s more, our project can be aimed not only at people in crypto world, but all other people as well. Because the platform can work with fiat money also)


If you already have a running product. Why blockchain?


This will never work.

Practicing medicine is a highly regulated field. At least in my country. If you practice medicine without a license as a company, or a doctor, you are in big trouble. I don´t know what country you operate from, but that must be true for all countries. A Swedish doctor treating a Swedish citizen in another country must be licensed and work through a credited company. So first you must get permission to practice medicine in every country that you want to operate in. That means you must follow every rule of how to store patient medical records (trust me, you will never ever get permission to store patient journals on a blockchain), you must follow every complicated tax rule there is for medical practice in every country. You must have insurance for every doctor you have. Who is to blame if the doctor makes some error? You? If you somehow succeed in doing all of that (and that is going to cost you a fortune) then you must do advertisement in every country to get patients. Then you must convince good doctors to come and work for you. No doctor I know of would be willing to risk loosing their medical license working for some company that did not follow every rule and regulation. If you succeeded in doing all that, you still have to get enough costumers to make you business profitable - and I do not see the market for that. And even if I am wrong and there is a huge market for this and you manage to pull of everything I described and more then still there is no need for a blockchain. You can host all of that on a local server like every other medical and telemedical company.

The blockchain is NOT the answer to all out prayer. It does not solve everything. The blockchain provides a censorship resistant network and some anonymity. That is it. If you know of anything else that a blockchain provides, please tell me because I can´t see it. And your business does not need any of that. That is, if this is not some “get rich fast scam token”. If that is your business plan, then maybe you will succeed. I doubt it, but maybe.


Fully agree with what you say sh1n3.

The prospect of global health care is tempting but not possible in this day and age.

  1. The rules and regulations for trying to work in a specific can be stringent at best, and to get permission to practice can take months to process.
  2. Secondly, you state that the idea is to talk to your regular Doctor for either medical advice or a second opinion on a prescription, say. This implies that your “regular” Doctor not only continues to see their regular patients, given that they were, until your recent move, looking after you, but has time to be at beck and call for Telemedicine.
  3. The advice that a UK or US Doctor (just for example) gives to their patient may be perfect advice, however that requires a full knowledge of the wherever they are calling from i.e infrastructure, medicine availability, where the nearest tertiary center is…I could go on.

The idea is great, but it’s a dream to work towards between countries, not to be solved on the blockchain.


Well, because it has many cool features we want to add to the platform. For instance, billing and verification of payments. With the help of blockchain this process will be transparent and secure.
Also it refers to patients’ medical data. keeping and store data on a decentralized anonymized network makes it significantly harder to hack and leak


Thanks a lot for such a big response and opinion.
That’s appreciated, believe me!
yes, there are many difficult things we need to solve and a lot of obstacles to overcome. And first of all it refers to legal issues, you’re completely right here. Now Well obtained a license to operate in California. In future we will try to get it in other states and then expand to foreign countries. That isn’t a one-minute job, no doubt. But we’ll try.
Yes, to get doctors and patients to join our network will require much efforts, including advertising, surely. But with a strong business model we offer that will work, we believe.

WELL partners with very respectable medical institutions that see the potential - and it’s great.

And I’d also like to point out that our plan is to follow every rule and regulation. No alternatives here. Otherwise it makes everything senseless.


Okey. I may be wrong and this may work out. I which you the best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! Will do our best to succeed!


WELL to be Sponsor at WCEF Crypto Hackathon

WELL will be one of the sponsors at the World Crypto Economic Forum’s (WCEF) Crypto Hackathon that will take place this weekend, January 13th and 14th, in San Francisco.
This event will allow blockchain and crypto app developers to network with other great minds in the tech industry, as well as meet entrepreneurs and investors looking to collaborate on the next blockchain platform success.
The CEO and founder of WELL Ildar Fazulyanov will be on the judges panel for the hackathon. WELL will also be contributing okens as part of the prize for the winners.


WELL team with CEO and founder Ildar are WCEF Crypto Hackathon now. Working hard on a solution for WELL platform. Here are a photo to you. Also very shortly will provide the videos and Ildar speech on the topic venture capital vs ICO funding


I wish you luck and look forward to following your progress.


At the Hackaton the hackers are working hard to create a solution that ensures all WELL patients’ assets are protected and safe.
Let’s follow Ildar and watch what’s going on there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxqg2sDPZCU&feature=youtu.be


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