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We want to share with you what inspired WELL founder to start this great journey.

It all began when WELL founder, Ildar Fazulyanov, broke his leg in a snowboarding accident, requiring surgery, physical therapy, and rehabilitation, he quickly came up against the shortcomings of the medical system. Unable to find a physical therapist for four weeks, by the time he finally stepped into his first appointment, he had re-broken his leg. The result was a second surgery, an additional $50,000 in expenses for Ildar’s insurance company, and tremendous pain and frustration for Ildar.

That frustration led Ildar to create WELL, a global decentralized, blockchain-based marketplace for healthcare.


Blockchain is Renaissance of software
That should certainly become a quotation, agree?
The hackaton is officially over. If you missed a chance to be there, don’t worry. We are glad to share with you some videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG7O2OquFaI


Ildar Fazulyanov, Founder and CEO of WELL, delivered his speech during on Crypto Economic Forum’s (WCEF) in San Francisco.
He highlighted the problems that healthcare faces today and presented WELL platform- innovative project that plans to make a breakthrough in the way healthcare services are delivered.
Take your time to watch Ildar’s speech and tell us what do you think about that.


We are happy to announce that from now on you can access our Web Platform!
FOLLOW THE LINK: www.tele.joinwell.com

What can you do there?

  • sign up as either a patient or provider (doctor)
  • simply view the demo of the platform using the email addresses patient@demo.com or provider@demo.com along with the password: password
  • connect with a doctor/patient 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

What patients gonna get with WELL? [/color]

  • immediate appointments at the price up to 30% less than the cost of in-person visits
  • access to interpreters, pharmacies, labs, and medical equipment suppliers.
  • patients’ medical and financial data safe and protected
  • easy, cross-border payments without high exchange rates, processing fees or third-party fees.

If you are a doctor (healthcare provider) WELL Web-Platform gives you:

  • remote monitoring and connectivity with patient devices
  • video and conference capabilities and integration of various records systems.


I’ve been in the healthcare business for nearly 20yrs. Telemedicine is up & coming. It’s expanding the scope of treatments from minor illnesses to behavioral health.

But there’s some things you have to consider… companies like McKesson & Cerner have solid EMR & billing systems. WHO maintains the globally adopted ICD-CM coding system. And the AMA owns CPT-4 coding. There’s no way blockchain could infiltrate this world… at least not at this time. Especially with regulations such as HIPAA.

I highly doubt this will take off in the US… the government controls way too much of the industry. If you are looking to just be another Telemedicine company accepting bitcoin & altcoin payments… you’ll probably be okay. But to bulldoze through what’s already in place… you’ve got a dream.

Let’s put it this way… ICD-CM is a diagnosis & procedure classification system. It’s literally like an international medical language. Version 10 rolled out in ‘92 or ‘93. Adoption began in ‘94. The US didn’t adopted it until 2015. And that was because the government was tired of continuously pushing it back - it was do or die.


Thanks for giving us your feedback!
that’s why we are focusing on employers and small insurance companies. Our focus is not EMR for the US. Global telehealth and records management for patients themselves not to bill insurance companies. At least not yet.


This Thursday and Friday, January 18th and 19th, Ildar Fazulyanov and Alex Prokhorov are going to attend the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami.

This conference as a part of the World Blockchain Forum covers a broad range of topics including ICOs, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency with a special focus on investing.

Ildar and Alex will be on hand for the full two days during the conference to answer any questions potential investors may have. So if you’re there, come to WELL booth and talk to our the founder directly :wink: Would be happy to see you!
If you would like to schedule a one-on-one meeting with WELL at the show, please send an email to either ildar@joinwell.io or to alex@joinwell.io.


i already have this service, its called Teledoc.

what separates Well.io from Teledoc?


Yep, Teladoc offers Telehealth services as well.
What will make us different is blockchain, as WELL plans to implement it.
Actually Teladoc is one of the competitors that we analyzed in our White Paper. You can get more info here (we put everything into a table https://joinwell.io/docs/joinwell-whitepaper-en.pdf)


thanks i will give it a read!


One of your bullet points was medical data, which is in the scope of EMR. And trust me, I know patients don’t do the billing themselves. I’ve worked healthcare business in hospitals & insurance companies. I think y’all have a long road ahead of you. I wish you well.


While i appreciate your business model, and i do like the idea since i am a teledoc user currently, your whitepaper has a chart compairing Well to its competitors and it says that Well is a cheaper alternative to Teledoc. That would only be true in the case of Teledoc customers that do not have the service available throught their insurance plan. In my case, i have 100% access a d use of Teledoc for free.

Is your company planning on partnering with health insurance providers to be a value add to their end users as well?


If you don’t mind, I’ll give you the proper answer a bit later when get all the details)


WELL announces partnership with MicroMoney

For those who don’t know MicroMoney is a global fintech company and a market pioneer blockchain credit bureau that recently completed a very successful ICO. Now the company is reaching out to others in the blockchain arena to provide partnerships and professional help.

“MicroMoney is providing us not only with different kinds of financial instruments, but it is also sharing with us its global business contacts, which will go a long way to help WELL in the popularization of telemedicine”, - said CEO and founder of WELL, Ildar Fazulyanov.

“We consider WELL to be a strong prospective partner, and we’re pleased to see our financial tools and instruments integrated into the WELL platform. Following MicroMoney’s successful ICO, we’re eager to share our knowledge and experience with other projects that possess a strong social mission, such as WELL has”, said Anton Dzyatkovskiy, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer MicroMoney Int.

Surely more news on the collabs is yet to come! Stay tuned!


This Thursday, January 25 we are having a webinar.
With our founders Ildar and Alex will talk about WELL platform, future of healthcare and blockchain. And, of course, will be answering your questions. So set a reminder for the webinar following the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfUxk90SQRc and join us at 7:15 AM PST on Thursday :wink:


WELL welcomes a new member of Advisory Committee :slight_smile:
We are glad to introduce Brian Hansen - Senior Vice President and General Manager of Emerging Businesses, Ancestry.com - as a member of WELL advisory team.

Mr. Hansen has served in management roles at Ancestry for over a decade being responsible for Newspapers.com, Fold3, AncestryProGenealogists, the Ancestry Institutional products in libraries and classrooms, Archives.com, and Ancestry Academy.
Prior to joining Ancestry Mr. Hansen held executive and management positions at iArchives, Kaboodle, Infopia, FlipDog, and Onyx Software, and was a management consultant at Accenture. He holds an M.B.A from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and a B.A. from Brigham Young University.


Guys, we are having a webinar just in one hour.

Join our founders Ildar and Alex at 7:15 AM PST as they discuss the WELL platform, telemedicine, and blockchain. Don’t forget to bring your questions! See you there! To watch, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfUxk90SQRc


We announce partnership with Amberdata

WELL announces our partnership with Amberdata, the essential provider for operationalizing public and private blockchain. WELL will use Amberdata’s platform to monitor and support blockchain operations.

WELL operates in a precise, structured manner using a decentralized system via blockchain technology, to ensure that there is always transparency in what the company does and also WELL uses blockchain to store needed data, for example, client’s medical histories.

We are really excited about our future cooperation collaboration with Amberdata. The company’s founding team has extensive experience solving challenging problems in the blockchain world, and enabling new opportunities in the market. Amberdata’s platform will help us integrate blockchain into our existing businesses processes,” said CEO and founder of WELL, Ildar Fazulyanov.

Shawn Douglass, CEO of Amberdata, added: “WELL is realizing decentralized healthcare, eliminating borders and connecting medical professionals with patients across the world. We are proud to support the team and their vision providing the operational telemetry”.

You can read full details on our MEDIUM blog

Are you as excited as we are? :wink:


Here is the speech of WELL CEO before the panel discussion during the WCEF 2018

Tell us what do you think :slight_smile:


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