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Cryptovest published an article about WELL project :slight_smile: Jump here to get full details!


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hey, why do you think so? the idea is quite challenging to implement, but still very real. and Telehealth is not something new - many solutions already operate.


WELL CEO Ildar Fazulyanov is now in Hong Kong at the Healthtech O2O Summit - a huge event connecting people at the core of healthtech revolution. All the bright minds of industry gather there :slight_smile:

Some fresh photos:


Do you like podcasts?
WELL CEO Ildar Fazulyanov joined an episode of Free Talk Live a few days ago and we’re glad to show it you. Learn more about WELL, our features, blockchain and how we change the industry of healthcare worldwide! Catch his interview beginning at the 110:00:00 mark. Click and enjoy!


]WELL, a global blockchain telemedicine platform, and TravelChain, a decentralized data exchange for travelers, are excited to join forces to help meet the needs of travelers no matter where they are in the world.

Together, WELL and TravelChain are working to create a better travel experience that you’re in control of. So TravelChain can suggest the perfect spot to stop and smell the roses, and the perfect WELL doctor to prescribe an allergy medication. When you’re on the road, WELL and TravelChain have got you covered :wink:

Read more exciting details on our partnership on our MEDIUM


[b]The WELL team is currently on their business trip in Asia meeting with potential partners, but Alex and Ildar took a quick detour and stopped by the Olympic Village in Pyeongchangю
WELL co-founders had a chance to meet Olympic legends - 4 of the actually :wink: as well as many athletes who are competing this year.

Of course, WELL team didn’t forget to do business. Back in Seoul Ildar and Alex had negotiations with crypto exchange Coinbox; Medivision Global Corporation, which has several clinics in Seoul and one in China; as well as with one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea. These meetings proved to be very successful.
You can read more about South Korea trip Ildar and Alex are making on our MEDIUM BLOG


WELL Welcomes Tomoaki Sato of Starbase to its Advisory Board[/size]

We are pleased to welcome our new advisor Tomoaki Sato, Founder and Blockchain Engineer at Starbase.

Here are some facts from his bio :slight_smile:

Sato, as early adopter of blockchain technology and a proponent of decentralization, founded the crowdfunding platform Starbase in 2016 to help startups utilizing blockchain find backers. The platform is currently being developed to aid innovative non-blockchain startups find funding as well.
Prior to Starbase Sato also founded Smart Contract Japan and islamap.com.
Sato comes to WELL with a wealth of knowledge on launching a successful ICO, and we’re excited to have him on our advisory team as we prepare to launch our own ICO,” Ildar Fazulyanov, WELL Founder and CEO said.



WELL Launches Personal Dashboard for its Crowdsale Supporters

We’ve launched personal dashboard for our contributors to improve the crowdsale process and insure compliance. So follow the link and sign up!

WELL extends the Pre-Sale period and pushes back the ICO

We see a huge demand from our supporters for make Whitelist period longer - and we’re doing that. In that way pre-Sale will now go until April 14th, and the ICO period will run from April 15-May 15

WELL’s new bonus schedule

Following the changes of ICO dates WELL has also developed a new bonus schedule, allowing more time for contributors to receive the maximum bonus of 40%. That 40% bonus will now be available until March 15th, with a 30% bonus given from March 16th to April 15th. When the crowdsale begins on April 16th, there will be a one-day bonus of 25%, which will decrease each week, ending with a 0% bonus during the last week of the crowdsale.

You can see the table with all the bonuses on our MEDIUM BLOG


Robert Zimmerman Joins WELL Advisory Board

WELL is pleased to welcome Robert Zimmerman to its advisory board.

Zimmerman is a healthcare cyber security executive, whose expertise lies in finding different approaches to develop, maintain, and audit information security. He is a co-founder of QI Express, which provides practical, cost-effective, and comprehensive security solutions for the healthcare industry, and is the home of the cloud-based security and privacy management solution HIPAA HITECH Express, which helps healthcare organizations achieve ongoing HIPAA compliance. In addition, he is the Executive Director of the Health Technology Access Foundation, which provides education, solutions, and certifications to organizations that may not otherwise have the necessary resources.

Zimmerman is co-founder of the Maryland Health Tech Coalition - a collaboration of over 600 healthcare organizations and individuals, and was at Deloitte & Touche for twenty years, where he served as partner.



I am so proud of what you and your healthcare telenet blockchain startup has accomplished since the beginning of this discussion on January 11th 2018.

Congratulations on all of these milestone accomplishments of sponsoring and participating in numerous international events and professional networking. I wish I would have found this discussion earlier to encourage you, but I see that you are a very determined and innovative organization with a clear vision.

Most of my family members work in healthcare and I am able to understand how your organization has the potential to offer many services that will provide solutions to existing challenges in healthcare.

For one example, I am familiar with this organization:


Great organization, from my experience in working with them. However, their website is not what I would call secure. Perhaps you would like to partner with them in order to help them and synergize.

I am very interested in your project and I encourage you to keep up the great work.

23andme is one of the most innovative companies of our time, as you may know.

Another great potential partnership.

I wish you the very best.


Appreciate JoinWell sponsoring us here on The Pub and providing some fiscal support of our growing community!

Definitely check them out here: https://joinwell.io/
And their whitepaper:



Thanks a lot for your feedback! actually we’re also considering partnership with Doctors without borders: what they do is incredible, and Well definitely wants to support it!

Thank you one more time!


WELL Welcomes Angelo Dodaro to its Advisory Board

AdBank co-founder Angelo Dodaro is joining WELL’s advisory board, bringing with him ten years of experience in digital marketing, as well as his expertise in blockchain entrepreneurship and cryptocurrency investment.

AdBank, a blockchain based ad platform, eliminates the middleman and creates a new ecosystem for digital advertising. Prior to founding AdBank, Dodaro was a director at Top Dog Social Media, and worked in digital strategy and creative production at Multivitamin Media, which he also co-founded.

“As WELL focuses on delivering its mission of accessible healthcare on a global level, we look forward to Angelo’s guidance in creating the best possible strategy to get our message out there,” said WELL founder and CEO, Ildar Fazulyanov.


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Certainly a use case developing for this in the UK, with the underfunded and under pressure NHS system making it harder to see a GP (family doctor). We are already seeing companies such as push doctor making grounds offering fee based video consult services in a country with a free (at the point of use) healthcare system! Estimates are 80% of a diagnosis is made on the history alone, prior to any physical examination or tests. With the advent of cost effective home monitoring devices for blood pressure, oxygen saturation etc, this will only become a more effective product. There is a real drive in the UK currently for community based care in order to cut down on burgeoning inpatient costs.

I have already heard of cases of UK doctors moving to Australia and providing out of hour phone triage to the UK. Is it beyond the realms of possibility of a universal medical licence that upholds a common agreed standard of technical proficiency? There certainly would be a lot of barriers to break down to achieve this.

With the advent of secure blockchain technology possibly allowing cost effective secure holding of medical data with the patient, this will only enhance this technology. I hope good things will come of these types of projects for both patients and practioners.


I picked my family’s brain over dinner about this, “Well: Healthcare Delivered” blockchain project last week. Nurses, doctors, and insurance professionals.

Telenet healthcare is growing quickly. I heard stories of MRIs being taken here in North America, being digitally transferred to medical professionals in Australia, and then having readings and diagnoses available for patients the next morning. The power of technology and globalization harnessed and unleashed.

Stories of video cameras in ambulances so that doctors can be ready at the door with remedies as soon as the patient arrives to the hospital. We know a doctor in South Florida who works at home in shorts and Hawaiian shirt doing telenet diagnosis. Some places require that a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant be physically present with the patient during the telenet consultation. I’m sure y’all will get it all figured out in good time.

I’ve done two telenet consultations for medical marijuana recommendations, nothing too crazy. I think the doctor just needed to review the paperwork and get paid.

Are you familiar with the ICON blockchain project in Korea? That might make for a nice partnership.