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Thanks for the feedback! Yes, agree with you completely. Telehealth has a bright future as the world goes digital: it’s more convenient, fast and the quality can also be high-quality.

that’s a company developing blockchain solutions, right? thanks for your piece of advice


My pleasure. I am very interested in your project. 100%

Yes, ICON (ICX) is developing blockchain solutions in Korea.



So, as you can see, they are projecting to connect securities, insurance, banks, universities, and hospitals.

The Icon Foundation is managed by Dayli Financial Group in Korea


as you can see on their website, DFG also operates Dayli Intelligence, which has a great AI project you may have heard of:

I’m pretty sure the DAVinci AI from Dayli Intelligence is the same AI behind DaVinci Surgery Robotos, but you may wish you research that.

Long Distance Surgery with DAVinci :slight_smile:

This video is so satisfying:



Wow! How many useful links! Will investigate all of them closely:)


WELL smart contract to be audited by Solidified

The WELL team has created a smart contract for the upcoming Tokensale and now it is going to be reviewed by an independent expert company.

The audit is to be performed by Solidified — a company proven to be a reputable trust source of smart contracts. Their experts will carry out a deep analysis of the contract that includes verification of correctness, compliance, security, a comprehensive checklist of known pitfalls and attack vectors, Solidity design patterns and best practices. Then the auditors will provide the detailed report with the technical score given, and all major and minor bugs described.

Once the audit process is finished, WELL smart-contract will be stored on Github, where everyone can review it on his own.


On the ground and in the sky: WELL aims to gain height with Aeron

As a global telemedicine platform, WELL is reaching for borderless healthcare; when they met with Aeron, blockchain for aviation safety project, the team of WELL had been searching for a way to extend their impact to the most hard-to-reach areas. One of them (you bet!) is the sky — Aeron’s homeland. With the help of aviation experts affiliated with Aeron and clinicians partnered with WELL, we will make the best efforts to assist with safe and healthy flights.

While the use of telemedicine in-flight is still limited by slow or unavailable internet connectivity (or limited bandwidth) in the air, on the ground is another story. Passengers and aviation crews will be able to check their health condition or ask for better ways of preventing travel sickness before the flight, through consultations with WELL doctors.

WELL will provide special benefits for Aeron token holders — with ARN tokens, already available on major cryptocurrency exchanges — unlocking discounts for some services provided within the WELL telemedicine platform. And WELL supporters can use the advantages of Aeron blockchain solution while booking services at aerotrips, Aeron’s web consumer portal.


This is awesome :slight_smile: nice partnership.

I fly from Florida to Belgium for some of my healthcare. It would be cool if I could just telenet with my doctor there too.


We have another bright mind aboard! :slight_smile:

Akin Sawyerr Joins WELL Advisory Board

Sawyerr is the Chairman of Feleman Limited, an investments and consulting firm focused on deploying financial technology and blockchain solutions to catalyze growth.
He also serves as a Non-Executive Director of Splash Mobile Money, Sierra Leone’s first mobile payment platform, where he supports the development and execution of company wide strategy, and develops and manages key partner relationships. A graduate of Union College and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, he spent many years in strategic roles at organizations such as The International Monetary Fund, Booz Allen Hamilton, Accenture, and Fannie Mae.
Sawyerr joins WELL’s advisory board with a focus on helping the company develop both its charitable giving arm and its affordable telehealth program in Africa.

WELL founder and CEO Ildar Fazulyanov said.


WELL is Looking for a Few Good Ambassadors

Want to do good by doing WELL, and earn WELL tokens at the same time?

As WELL builds its global presence, we’re looking for people who believe in our mission of making high-quality affordable healthcare available anytime, anywhere, to help us spread the word. WELL recently achieved a $3 million soft cap during its private pre-sale, but as we get ready to launch our ICO, we need to get the word out even more.
We’re looking for WELL Ambassadors to help us do just that — and earn WELL tokens while they do so.

The Ideal WELL Ambassador:

• Is passionate about WELL’s mission of global affordable healthcare and eager to be part of the movement
• Is knowledgeable about how WELL works and comfortable speaking with others about the platform and the company both online and in-person
• Is familiar with blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts, and able to explain these concepts in a clear and simple way
Has a strong social media presence and is comfortable using social media and other online avenues to convey powerful ideas

The Benefits of being a WELL Ambassador:

For every token purchase you bring in through your unique Ambassador referral link, you’ll receive 15% of the contribution amount in tokens. In other words, if someone purchases 1,000 WELL tokens using your referral link, we’ll give you 150 WELL tokens. Think of it as a token of our gratitude.
• WELL Ambassadors will be listed on the WELL website.
• Be the first to receive WELL news and stay in the know.
Becoming a WELL Ambassador, you’ll have the possibility to give advanced bonuses for WELL Contributors. People who are contributing to WELL using an ambassadors’ referral link will get an additional 5% bonus on WELL tokens (received after the contribution).

Jump to our MEDIUM to get more info on the program and ways to apply. :wink:


Hitting the Jackpot: No limits with WELL on March 14th

At WELL, we have rules. But occasionally it becomes too tempting for us not to break them. Our token-sale starts in a month, and we couldn’t resist to do something absolutely crazy- we are announcing the no-limits day!
Save the date for March 14th. Only on March 14th we are offering you carte blanche: lucrative crowdsale conditions that our founders have never offered until now.
No minimum contribution AND you still get the highest bonus!
You can buy as many tokens as you want, spend as much money as you want — and get the maximum 40% bonus! That’s a win-win situation indeed.

Why does the WELL team do that? Because WELL really is limitless and borderless. All of us on team WELL are super excited about the upcoming crowdsale and we couldn’t help sharing this excitement with you.
Mark your calendar for March 14th to go to your personal dashboard and buy your WELL tokens in order to get your huge 40% bonus!
Don’t miss a real bonanza day!


WELL Has Women Covered on International Women’s Day

At WELL, we’re all about healthcare, and more specifically, telehealth. This International Women’s Day, we at WELL want to highlight some of the ways that telemedicine is being used to improve women’s health around the world. And for the latest updates on how WELL is changing the telehealth industry, follow our Telegram group at https://t.me/joinwell.

Preventative visits: It’s 2018, but women still bear the brunt of household and childcare labor, despite also holding full-time jobs. That means going to the doctor is just one more item on women’s endless to-do lists that often gets skipped. But thanks to telemedicine platforms such as WELL, which connects to IoT devices and allows you to check things like vitals at home, you no longer need to go to the doctor in order to see a doctor. We’ll work on fixing the gender inequality in household labor next, but while we’re waiting, you’re no longer off the hook for your annual physical.

Lactation consultants: We can rattle off a list of the benefits of breastfeeding, including nutritional value and a lower risk of disease and infection for babies, but none of that matters if you can’t get your baby to latch. But who has the time — or the energy — to go to a lactation consultant when figuring out the needs of a newborn? Luckily, now lactation consultations are available online, so you don’t even need to get out of your pajamas in order to up your breastfeeding game.

Breast cancer consultation: There’s very little that’s more frightening than cancer, and navigating the waters alone can be overwhelming. But when your health is on the line, you want to make sure you’re doing everything right. Dr. Rebecca Kaltman’s breast cancer consultations helps to streamline the process and ease some of the fear, all online. From providing second opinions to coordinating care and even researching clinical trials, Dr. Kaltman is helping women feel a bit more in control, even when they’re at their most vulnerable.

Cervical selfie: In developing countries where there’s a shortage of proper medical care, the cervical selfie — a photo of your cervix that’s taken through a device that attaches to your phone — is replacing pap smears and helping to detect and curb cervical cancer. It may not be your top selfie choice for Instagram, but it can help save your life.

Birth control: Gone are the days of having to go into the doctor’s office just to get a refill on birth control. Thanks to telemedicine, prescription services for everything from the birth control pill to yeast infection meds are available online. Which gives women greater control over their bodies — and their time.


WELL to support the most popular IoT devices

WELL is just getting even better, with plans to support a wide range of IoT devices! :bulb:

Now, companies such as WELL, a global telehealth platform that provides on-demand doctor’s appointments in a broad range of specialties, are combining the two, ensuring that their platforms support IoT devices, and harnessing the technology to provide more value to patients. WELL, which plans to support smart watches, such as Mi Band, Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, and others, as well as more traditional medical IoT devices, sees the introduction of such devices as a natural progression forward.

WELL founder and CEO Ildar Fazulyanov said.

Read our full article on MEDIUM blog


WELL Explores the Status of Blockchain and Telehealth by Conducting a Global Research Study

To introduce the advanced and disruptive technology to the medical field WELL has conducted a worldwide research study aimed at exploring the role and use of telehealth and blockchain in different countries.

To collect as much relevant data as possible, the WELL team has sent inquiries to the officials and Healthcare Ministries of more than 140 countries on 5 continents.

Working with governmental officials, WELL expects to discover the current state of telehealth solutions and distributed technologies in each particular region. The research will provide the necessary information for the WELL team to adjust the strategy of the project’s development; draw the attention of the countries’ healthcare departments and communities to the topics of blockchain and telemedicine; and, most likely, find opportunities for collaboration and networking with the official health ministries.

The WELL team strongly believes that this research will give a boost to the adoption of innovative technologies in healthcare, thus making medical services more accessible to people around the world.



Healthcare Marketplace. What is it?

Join us on March 20, as the WELL team holds a webinar on the healthcare marketplace. We’ve been so busy establishing new contacts and partnerships and developing crucial elements of the WELL platform that we had to postpone our original meeting with you. But we’re here and we’re ready, and we can’t wait to chat with you!

“We’ve met many people from all over the world who are sincerely interested in easy-to-access healthcare solutions. Some told me stories of injuries they couldn’t get treated in a reasonable amount of time, and others admit doubts they have about telemedicine apps. I’m keeping my ears open to different points of view, and look forward to discussing WELL’s path with you in our upcoming webinar” - WELL founder, Ildar Fazulyanov.

WELL’s founders Ildar and Alex will share their opinions on the most promising markets for the blockchain project’s adoption and describe the step-by-step evolution of WELL. In addition, they will answer all remaining questions from the last webinar, as well as new questions we’ve received since then on social media. You are welcome to start asking questions right now.

Join WELL’s webinar on the WELL youtube channel March 20th at 6 p.m. GMT.

Don’t forget to set a reminder! :wink:


A short time ago WELL announced the creation of its smart-contract for the upcoming crowdsale. Always putting the investors’ safety first, the team wanted to verify the compliance and quality of the contract, and thus, sent it to be audited not once, but twice!

Solidified and HashLab, both being reputable experts in the field of software security, performed independent, in-depth analyses of the code and provided their verdicts.

The companies inspected the document’s structure, design patterns and tested it for possible logic errors and vulnerabilities, such as DoS attacks, transaction-ordering, and timestamp dependences. The final reports of the audit have proved that the WELL smart-contract follows all the best security practices and doesn’t contain any critical errors and problems that can compromise its high quality and diligence.

That’s great news for the WELL supporters who can now feel even more confident about the project, its trustworthiness, and the compliant token sale process. Moreover, the smart-contract is available on Github for public review. Anyone who is interested can find it on the official WELL repository and give their own opinion.

Now the project is still in the presale period of WELL tokens, offering a 30% bonus to the contributors. The public sale starts on April 16th.


ODEM and WELL share a mission to make medical education more accessible and affordable

The primary aspiration of WELL is the distribution of high-quality medical services around the world, even to the most remote corners. While the technologies haven’t reached such a level that robots can completely replace doctors, this is unthinkable without the close connection to medical education. ODEM, which aspires to be the Airbnb of international education, is collaborating with WELL by using the blockchain-based ODEM platform to streamline the organization and delivery of specialized medical training courses.

The telemedicine adepts, like WELL followers, understand that not everything can be cured online. There is a similar story in education: physical presence in the classroom is still necessary to acquire specific knowledge and skills. A short-term or long-term in-person training program for medical students is quite essential but in an updated form.

WELL was attracted to the idea of partnering with ODEM because of the companies’ shared vision of using blockchain, or distributed-ledger technology to creatively disrupt their target industries; medicine and education. Besides, within the both platforms — WELL and ODEM — doctors can earn tokens, developing and providing educational programs for young specialists.

Rich Maaghul, ODEM’s chief executive officer, says:

“I’m excited by the opportunity to work with WELL specifically on medical education and patient care. We’re deploying the ODEM Platform for the cause of advancing the practice of medical care even in the world’s most remote locations.”[/quote]

To enter a medical school is a pipe dream for many people all over the world. ODEM and WELL is going to make it real. Through establishing an education on demand system and a global marketplace based on the blockchain they assume to reduce the costs for high-quality education and push the market to create more efficient educational programs with an individual approach to each student.

[quote]“We are glad to cooperate with ODEM in striving to promote high-quality medical education and make it more accessible and modern. We plan to encourage WELL’s senior doctors to share their knowledge with younger specialists. It would be great if the most active on the WELL platform doctors create original educational programs on the ODEM platform as well.” [/quote][size=12pt] said Ildar Fazulyanov, WELL’S chief executive officer.




WELL and Skychain create future of medical diagnostics together

Skychain, artificial intelligence network, specialized in healthcare, shares WELL’s mission to prevent misdiagnoses in early stages. With the artificial neural network, we can reach the goal even faster or cover remote areas with preventive healthcare more intensively. WELL — a global telemedicine marketplace — will perform as a data provider for an artificial neural network of Skychain, encouraging patients and doctors to transfer healthcare data to AI network.

Artificial intelligence is maintenance, not a substitution of doctors

Imagine the situation, when the patient has been just diagnosed and got a prescription, changes lifestyle or have to get additional medication. It’s a typical situation, which often comes to adverse outcomes. Patients don’t address to specialists to clarify the compatibility of treatment methods, because of lack of time or subjective sensations. For some people, it’s just nonsense to check every step with medical professionals, but they would be less resistant to AI diagnostics as a mode of continuous health monitoring. WELL’s doctors will promote an alternative to usual consultation — AI diagnostics when considered that it’s suitable.

WELL and Skychain will work on mutually beneficial conditions, protecting interests of token holders on both sides.


Alex Mashinsky Joins WELL as Advisor

WELL is excited to welcome Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celcius Network- a decentralized lending and borrowing platform, to its advisory board.

Alex is one of the inventors of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and boasts a long, successful career as a serial entrepreneur and innovator. He has authored over 50 patents related to messages and communication that have been utilized by well known tech companies ranging from Twitter to Netflix. Alex founded Governing Dynamics, an early stage venture capital firm, and has raised over $1 billion in venture and private equity funds in his career. He has also won numerous awards and spoken at over 100 business conferences around the world.
WELL will benefit from his vast experience in startup success as well as blockchain experience and building successful teams.

We are pleased to welcome Alex to our advisory board. His experience in startups and identifying innovative trends is going to be invaluable to the success of the WELL platform. Alex brings with him an ability to push the boundaries of tech and that is what we are trying to do with our telehealth solution - push boundaries. We are excited to see how we can utilize his knowledge to help grow WELL into a global success,” WELL founder and CEO Ildar Fazulyanov said.


Global Blockchain Forum with WELL in Silicon Valley!

WELL is co-hosting the Global Blockchain Forum on April 2-3 and you, our dear community, are warmly invited to join us in person!

We are giving away 30 tickets to WELL’s most dedicated supporters! They will be invited to attend the event, get the unique insights on the future of blockchain and, of course, spend time with team WELL!

How do you win tickets? Follow these easy steps:
-spread the word about WELL attending the event in at least 20 different crypto & blockchain communities (the more - the better)
-share WELL’s post on Facebook about the forum and get 20 shares from your friends
-report all these activities with proof before 3 p.m. GMT on March 28, 2018 to the email crowdsale@joinwell.io.

That’s it! Then on March 28, 2018 the WELL team will distribute the tickets.

Take part in our giveaway and visit our event in Santa Clara with more than 70 outstanding speakers and over 1,000 attendees:)

P.S. Here’s the website for more information about the conference: https://www.gbforum.co/.


WELL co-founder Alex Prokhorov sat down with Roger Ver, famous investor and Bitcoin Cash promoter

They had a very interesting conversation and shares their thoughts on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and how to apply this innovative technology to the healthcare space. You can see their talk on our official YOUTUBE CHANNEL

For those who don’t know, Roger Ver has been a prominent supporter of bitcoin adoption and saw bitcoin as a means to promote economic freedom. He now promotes Bitcoin Cash, a hard fork of the cryptocurrency created with the intent to fix issues such as high fees and long transaction confirmation times.