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The WELL team won’t miss the opportunity to have a conversation on this topic with the incredibly busy hypnotherapist and the world’s top online hypnotherapy consultant, Glenn Harrold.

He will join us on Friday’s webinar. This will be a unique chance for the WELL community to learn about the use of hypnotherapy in modern healthcare.

Be sure not to miss this special webinar discussing hypnotherapy on March 30th at 6 PM GMT!

About Glenn Harrold: Glenn recently joined the WELL Advisory Board. He is one of the world’s most successful hypnotherapists. He has helped thousands including many celebrities in a 20-year-career and has sold over 10 million hypnosis CDs, MP3 downloads and Apps. In 2006 he received a gold disc from Nielsen BookData for sales of £250,000 of his best-selling hypnosis CD, Complete Relaxation.


If you manage getting a lot of specialised doctors on your blockchain combined by predesigned and custom AI assisted therapy programs.
On the consumer end it will be fixed in several plans on a yearly basis or so.
Packages include the major smart medical gadgets, DNA analysis, blood glucose, blood pressure, rhythm monitors. Live bio feed back on the blockchain! AI could possibly predict future outbreaks from patterns on the blockchain at the current time as a top layer AI benefiting from this huge pool of data.
If any further lab work needed patients can simply go to local clinics working with coordination, new data gets added to the blockchain accordingly.
Consumer’s data is completely private and patients are in full control of their data on a decentralised blockchain. Creating a plan where you offer these revenues collected of the consumer’s data back to the consumer. You can charge a small fee on revenues collected from shared data, not forgetting that consumer’s identity must be masked and completely anonymous to 3rd parties.
I’m not sure you can give any medical advice, maybe as a healthcare “mentor” exploiting the need for a cheap healthcare sort of system.
That would be an ICO I’d invest in.


Thanks for the feedback and your ideas.
WELL is more concentrates on creating a kind on Airbnb in healthcare - to connect patients and doctors, so they can have first-class medical care.
Though we also suppose to provide security and safe storage of patients’ records thanks to blockchain technologies. So that only patients are the owners of their data, only they can decide who to share them with


Everyone likes to be told that they are doing a great job, right? :slight_smile:

At WELL, we’ve already received great recognition from the crypto community and have been praised by various ICO rating platforms: 9.5 / 10 at Foundico, 4.5 / 5 at Wiserico, 7 /10 at Foxico, and many more!

Recently we received another very positive review from ICORating. The agency conducts independent in-depth analyses of ICO projects, evaluates them and gives their own score. The rating is based on several criteria, including technical features of the company, business model, prospects, tokenomics, as well as risk and hype in the crypto community.
The agency’s verdict says “ICO WELL has high-hype and low risk”

All of team WELL is proud to see such a positive analysis of our project and we know that WELL has received global recognition indeed! We hope that this review has helped our supporters learn more about the platform and that you are all as excited as we are about the future of WELL!

You’re welcome to read the whole review of ICORating


If you are going to be in the Bay Area next week then you need to be sure to stop by the Global Blockchain Forum on April 2–3 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California!

WELL is co-hosting this great event and is eager to meet all the supporters and community members. WELL founders, Ildar Fazulyanov and Alex Prokhorov, will be at the conference and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the WELL platform, the upcoming ICO, or the WELL social mission. Or if you want to stop by our booth just to introduce yourselves, we love meeting WELL participants and hearing your feedback!

The Global Blockchain Forum will be represented by more than 50 companies and more than 2,000 people are expected to attend. Amongst the list of over 70 speakers are Tim Draper, Founder of Draper Associates; Reese Jones, Associate Founder at Singularity University; and WELL’s very own Co-founder, Alex Prokhorov. You won’t want to miss out on learning from all the great thought leaders in the world of blockchain.

Whether you are coming to learn about the next big application of blockchain technology or looking to learn more about the next ICO tokens you are going to purchase, be sure to find the WELL team to learn more about how they are changing the healthcare industry to make it borderless for patients all around the world. Join it. Use it. Grow it.


Recently David from David Packman Show has interviewed Ildar Fazylyanov, CEO of WELL Network
Interesting questions, engaging answers and great discussion indeed :wink:

Here is the link to Youtube


But does the healthcare covers the cosmetic surgery if it’s necessary. I mean, if i got hurt on duty and want to cover the scars with PlasticSpot. I mean, if it’s not stated in job contract, can i call for it in a court?