Welp, building my miner - and I forgot to buy the power supply


so I’ve played with the Armor RX 580 card I have bought - and I’ve spoken to the wife and I am starting a miner - I am a strapped and nervous so I’m just starting with 3 cards and will work from there - if anyone has any suggestions I think some of this won’t go out for a few days

just gonna buy a newegg rack

Motherboard - 6 slots



two more Armor 580 cards - (probably will be the last to arrive)

I’ll cannabalize 16GB from my home machine and a 1tb hard drive - already got windows 10 on it

got a power button and tp-link -

Oh and I THOUGHT I bought a power supply - holy crap - I forgot a power supply




ok - I guess this will work

BTW I got my Armor cards at 300 - their availability has been coming and going all week and prices/distributors


hey I just cancelled the 4pin risers - with that PS I want 6 pin risers that plug right into the mobo, right? I do’nt konw whether I need 4 or 6 pin risers with the Raedon RX 580 card


You could still use those risers. I currently use them. They have been operating for over 5 months now.

If you ever plan to go to 6 GPUs, I would go ahead and make the investment on a 1200w PSU. For 6 580’s you are looking at a load of about 881 W. With efficiency ratings, its best to go with a 1200w.

Everything else looks good though.


ach - I might be able to cancel the 1000 and go 1200

I did order 6 pin risers as well


ps cancelled - now I need to find a 1200w one - wish I wasn’t breaking the bank

I liked the $150 one


Check out this guide.

He goes into how to setup a rig using server PSUs instead. They are a cheaper option.


goddamn I’m stressed - I can’t do server psu’s - I’d rather just find a 1200 one - I keep seeing shit like “don’t use thse risers/pin connectors cause they melt and start fires” and I’m like fuckity fuck - I might cancel it all


I’ve not had a problem with those risers. Just have to make sure you aren’t overloading the circuit. You don’t want to connect more than 2 risers on 1 cable.

If you need help with the build, I am more than happy to assist.


thanks ImaginaryPi - I ordered this PS adn the 6 pin risers

what IS the difference between a 4 and 6 pin riser - I assume 4 pin is the old school ps and 6 pin is newer - when I look at the PS should I be powering the risers via SATA and the cards via VGA ports on the power supply?

some of this stuff literally won’t arrive till end of year - if the cards come early I’ll flash them in my home machine and get them ready to go

Thanks - I’m not BORROWING money but money is tight right now - basically I paid 1200 on the credit card and charged 1200 - LOL - (get miles that way) - but starting a fire (since this will be in the basement) - blowing stuff up - all unnerves me - I already have a static wristband though - LOL


I’m not sure of the difference really other than what you stated. If you follow the guides we’ve provided on here, you should be fine. You will use the SATA ports.

Here is a guide I put together a while back.


Excellent - I will be going thru this -

FYI - I’ve built my own pc’s before so I’m not 100% noob but since I’m building something totally new and out of the ordinary, I don’t quite know how some of this stuff will work BUT Thanks for all your help - I’m sure I’ll have more questions as we get closer

and now I just figured out I need DDR4 memory cause DDR 3 isn’t compatible - frack

ah well - one more expense but at $100 it wo’nt break me - at least I have a HD and Win 10 license already - LOL


AND…I chickened out - cancelled my orders - (might not get one or two shut down but I can probably return or sell the parts)

I have cats - I may be moving - Ethereum may tank - I just lost my nerve


It is a commitment for sure. Maybe do some more research. Check out my channel on YouTube BiteSizeMining and learn more about it.


Hi, I plan to build my own rig, would you be kind enough to help me get started with any info necessary? I plan to start with something moderate and about two GPUs.


Of course. Just send me a message when you are ready