WHAT! BitcoinHEX?


RICHARD HEART is creating his own Altcoin…Is this a PONZI


Sure looks like one. I’m in.


Even though Richard has a very compelling argument for this project. I see it as a money grab. what’s even more perplexing to me is that Richard has always been super critical towards Altcoins, so this is a total 360 in my eyes, A change of “Heart” if you may… No thanks, I will be on the Sideline…


Did he get anywhere with this project? If it is an Airdrop then sure, why not. If he tries to sell it - a different story.


-cough- http://bitcoinhex.com/?r=0x0e1140931b45fc6b8cec670e9a3b5bc4044e4b04

watch out there’s a flu going around guys


I watch his videos. It sounds like the coin is based on staking. You get a higher reward based on the amount you stake and for how long you lock it in. You also get more if there’s less stakers.

I heard him say it was going to be airdropped to people who had their own wallet. It won’t go to exchanges apparently.


It’s not a PONZI at all, actually it will be a legit airdrop of an ERC20 token created with a specific economic game theory in place.
Here is what I understood from Richard’s multiple explanations and instructions:

It doesn’t cost bitcoin holders anything more than take action by signing a message with their own wallet including a proprietary ethereum address. You will never expose private keys in order to claim and the whole process is free. No sending any coin anywhere involved. He specifically explained how is 100% trustless and decentralized after the smart contract has been deployed there will be no way for anyone to change the rules. If you wish to participate make sure to have a BTC legacy address because only those can sign the message to claim due to technical reasons.
There are also some referral and staker bonuses that sound quite interesting given the price you pay for all this which is 0 :sunglasses:

I heard him briefly mention that there is IDEX exchange interested in listing the token, maybe it could go somewhere. All the info I perceived about this project so far look allright…
These FAQs are may be useful to you https://bitcoinhex.com/faqs.html

If you want to give it a shot please use this link to claim It costs you anything :wink:

It will be much appreciated


I get it M8! For me, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Black are native to Game Theory and Richard’s project is Unnecessary…


I think the idea behind his project is very interesting and the reasoning for it is sound. So if you’re a Bitcoin HODLer dont you like free money?

Wrote an article on this on https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@doifeellucky/bitcoinhex-richard-hearts-project-for-bitcoin-holders


Its a FREE airdrop, you dont have to like the project.

Just claim and see where it goes.


Our BTC needs to be in a non-Segwit address at the time of the fork, correct?


Latest update from Richard Heart on this… They are working on enabling the claiming for addresses starting with 3* too. Just go to the website and register for email updates.


Awesome news. I’m probably gonna do the 5 year stake for this.


Is this his site?

Richard Heart scammer

psst, it’s a joke


So far it is guaranteed to use 1*** addresses just to be sure you can claim. It doesn’t take much effort to have your coins moved for this matter, just make sure your opsec is on point!


Yeah that’s the site, if you want to use my referral please use this link



He mentioned in a livestream that they’ve tested Segwit addresses with a 3******* and that they’ll implement that prior to the snapshot. So hopefully no need to move coins around.


That would be awesome. I’m actually quite stoked for this obvious ponzi.


me too. I couldn’t care less about it…only want to make some gainz


It is exactly the point of this project, make money by going up in value. It has been publicly disclosed since day 1 of it. It doesn’t seem like a ponzi so far, your only inputs are Claim by signing a message, Create a referral link and choose to stake coins or not. So there aren’t purchases and or forms of payment to anybody involved how is this a ponzi? I’m curious to understand because the guy (Richard) is pretty smart and if everything goes like he says the code will be published on github after being audited and then untouchable once deployed as smart contract. How can anyone say it’s a ponzi if might actually be a legit attempt in creating something that works? I’d like to at least see it working before judging it.
Not even looking like a get rich quick promise as you’ll make profit by staking and not dumping…
What do you guys think?

By the way the support for addresses starting with 3 has been implemented.

A lot of useful info in this paper HERE