What do you think about this HODL CAP



I’ve been looking for a cap recently on the web for my dad ( bitcoin king), and I just found this HODL BITCOIN Baseball cap on https://www.richcryptoboys.com/products/100-cotton-hodl-bitcoin-hat-trending-rare-baseball-cap-bitcoin-sign-embroidery-snapback-cap-tumblr-hip-hop-dad-hat-men-women

Should I Buy it for my Dad ?
Thanks for considering my question guys,
love you all <3


:rofl: Good cover story to shill your link, i do like the hat though. I’m sure your dad would love it :rofl:


Since when would a forum of strangers on the web be able to assess if YOUR dad would like a hat? If you have something to shill, do it the right way. There’s a section for that.

But to answer your question: Yes, I think your dad would like it. So YOU should definitely buy it for him :wink::laughing::rofl: