What exchanges that are reputable do not require you to dox (submit citizen and personal information) about yourself

Exchanges seem to be a primary vector of attack to secure private keys of user eWallets and compromise accounts. I know with some exchanges, like coinbase, require, official forms to prove your identity, which is a problem because although hackers will unlikely be able compromise the actual blockchain, they could breach a user database on the exchange and lift identifying credentials or worse. The IRS has already forced coinbase to reveal user identities.

I know there are eWallet to eWallet exchanges that can be made in person without the exchanges, but are the exchanges that are fiat onramps and offramps that do not require you to dox yourself? It seems if your identity credentials could be taken, by hook or by crook or even by a legal court order, there is no guarantee of your identifying credentials being completely safe and I would much rather have my username and password compromised (which I can change) than all my personal details spilled (which I cannot change).

Any ideas on this?


I dont know any that don’t but can tell you the reason they do require it is to comply with AML, KYC and Sanctions regulations. It’s not just so they can store your info.


There is a few Exchanges that don’t require ID, but you get limited withdrawal capabilities.

I believe Kucoin, Cobinhood and Cryptopia fall in this category.

As to being reputable, that is kind of subjective :stuck_out_tongue:

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Binance doesn’t require KYC just yet for it’s limited unverified account type. Not sure if this option is available to new accounts. 2BTC value/day withdrawl limit.


You are going to find less and less as more tax regulation happens, and the exchanges which make their money via taking the trimmings off the top won’t want to be shut down when they can have a chance at early market domination.

I expect KYC to be even stronger in the next few years.


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