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Think of a world where there is a one-stop place to quickly learn and install dApps for any blockchain platform!

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Seamless Experience

Discover and experience your favourite dapps like you used to do on AppStore or Google Play. We keep everything in the simplest way - no installation, built-in exchanges for utility tokens and unified experience for all blockchains.

Data Centric

We redefine the way users discover dapps. Users can discover applications through our most accurate onchain data, as well as through real, valuable user comments and third party reviews.

Stability & Safety

Our robust security mechanisms ensure the absolute security of user’s assets. The defense system integrates multiple isolated storages and 24-hour intelligent monitoring to effectively control risks and prevent attacks.

Multi-blockchains Integration

We respect the uniqueness and specialties offered by different blockchains and support access to products built on different infrastructures or protocols. We grow accessibility to blockchains.


May 2019

Dapp.com Store

A built-in wallet solutions with Dapp.com to provide seamless experience for everyone to use dapps from all different blockchains easily.

June 2019

Market Intelligence

A market data tool for VCs, developers, and researchers to gain a deep understanding of the dapp market landscape including growth tendency, usage, and engagement metrics etc.

September 2019

Dapp Analytics

A comprehensive analytics tool built for dapp developers to better evaluate the performance of their product, users and marketing etc. Get to know about the competitors and find the right group of users with an easy-to-use interface.

Q1 2020

Multi-Blockchain Identity Network (MIN)

A decentralized tool built to create easy access to all dapps. MIN is to get rid of the complexity of creating and managing multiple accounts from different blockchains. Users will only need to manage one set of Mnemonic phrase that connects all their wallet addresses/accounts from different blockchains.

Q2 2020

Cross-Chain Dapp SDK

A multi-blockchain development toolkit that gives developers the easy ability to extend their deployed dapps to multiple blockchains, or migrate them to other blockchains, based on their business needs.

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Kyle Lu

Founder and CEO

Eric Jiang

Co-Founder and CTO

Jun Gong


Haoda Wang

Lead Developer

Junye Yang

Back-end Developer

Benjamin Woo

Head of Korea Market


Ari Meilich

at Decentraland

Zac Cheah

CEO and Co-Founder
at Pundi X

Addy Crezee

CEO & Founder at Blockshow Former CMO at Cointelegraph

Roy Park

at 7th Sense Holdings




The DAPP Token (DAPPT) is a utility token that circulates within dapp.com’s ecosystem. DAPPT will initially exist as a liquid asset in our product and services. DAPPT also plays a significant role in providing incentives to support the ecosystem and community expansion.

Community Voting

Voting for the featured dapps with DAPPTs

LaunchPad and Store

Launch on Dapp Store and LaunchPad by staking DAPPTs

Using Dapps

Use dapps with DAPPTs

Build Cross-blockchian Dapps

Deploy digital assets across different blockchain with DAPPTs

Token Allocation

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