What Is Dentacoin?

What Is Dentacoin?

It has become painfully obvious that there will never be one cryptocurrency used for all daily tasks. While many people still hold out hope that Bitcoin will fill that role, it seems highly unlikely. As such, there also won’t be one blockchain to cater to all users. Dentacoin illustrates that point exactly by providing a distributed ledger ecosystem specifically for the global dental industry.


By providing the global dental industry with a blockchain solution, the Dentacoin has embarked on a rather intriguing mission. This blockchain concept also has its own native ERC20 token which will be used globally by individuals and dentists alike. Improving dental care with blockchain and making it more affordable to visit a dentist are the two main selling points of this project. Moreover, the platform will offer various blockchain-based tools for this industry in the future.


The first point of focus for the Dentacoin team is creating a trusted review platform for the dental sector. With trusted dental treatment reviews for everyone around the world to read, industry professionals can make a name for themselves. Additionally, patients will get the best possible help for their dental problems. As such, the Dentacoin platform aims to make a big impact on the global dental industry in the coming years.

Additionally, it will be possible to ensure one’s dental health using this blockchain project. This insurance concept’s interests are aligned between dentists and patients directly without the need for intermediaries. The Dentacoin platform will also serve as a healthcare database, as medical records can be stored in a secure manner. Moreover, patients and dentists will need to give permission to others wishing to access specific information, which improves overall confidentiality.

To make sure this service is convenient, an interactive aftercare mobile app will be introduced in the future. Long-lasting oral hygiene habits are a top priority for Dentacoin, which is a good thing. Last but not least, there will be the DentaVox webapp for collective customer wisdom. This solution can be used for questionnaires and rewards, as well as for general market research data. There are a lot of potential use cases for DentaVox once this platform is fully developed and open to the public.


All of this infrastructure will be powered by the Dentacoin token, known as DCN across the exchanges. Dentacoin will provide a decentralized trading platform for dental care products, materials, and equipment, all of which can be bought and sold in exchange for DCN. This native token will also be used to pay for dental visits, assuming there are enough industry professionals willing to experiment with this project. For now, the DCN value is purely speculative, though.


Even though a lot of work has been done already, the year 2018 will bring the release of the Dentacoin review application for mobile devices. We will also see the integration of market research surveys, which will be a big milestone for this project. A second token sale will follow in October of 2018, followed by the launch of the Dentacoin insurance testnet in Q4. If the developers can adhere to these timelines, the year 2018 will be quite exciting for DCN holders and investors.

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Dental Implants by the Leading German Manufacturer Bredent Can Now Be Purchased With Dentacoin

The Merkle

February 26th, 2018: Dentacoin is now accepted means of payment for dental implants made by one of the world’s leading dental implant manufacturers – Bredent. The supplier of Bredent implants – Dentamed – has an online shop for international deliveries with blockchain integrated functionalities and payments available only in Dentacoin! By implementing Dentacoin as the only available currency, the company has utilized numerous benefits, such as a simplified, highly automated and secure payment system and significant cost savings in transactions and logistics.


Bredent is an internationally operating company founded in Germany in 1995, which manufactures highly sophisticated dental implant systems and restorations. One of Bredent´s product – SKY fast & fixed – is established as an etalon for same-day implant restorations. The use of SKY fast & fixed enables dentists to offer their patients extraction, implantation and temporary restoration in a single day and at affordable costs. “We develop and produce optimally matched individual products, system solutions, for example in the implant prosthetic sector, and therapeutic concepts “Made in Germany”. These enable dentists and dental technicians to realize and maintain high quality, cost-effective aesthetic restorations that ensure periodontal hygiene. Our competence and innovative power make us a leading example on the dental market,” explains the Management.


Bredent has developed a concept for completely digitised implantation workflow, integrating laboratory and dentist, which leads to high efficiency, cost savings and higher dental care quality.

Therefore, the German-based manufacturer considers it consistent to use blockchain technology, starting from logistics and payment transactions. “We are really excited to be part of the Dentacoin project”, shared Wolfgang Lechner, Export Manager at Bredent medical GmbH & Co. KG.

“The high degree of fragmentation inherent in the dental industry makes the use of an industry-specific currency like Dentacoin highly beneficial for all links in the supply chain. It allows for international transactions to be much cheaper, easier, faster and secure,” comments Pavel Georgiev, Sales Manager at Dentamed Shop and adds: “We learnt about Dentacoin and the benefits it offers just when we were discussing the possibilities for international expansion (for the last 7 years Dentamed was focused on the European market, ed.). Dentacoin just made the decision so obvious. Every international merchant within the industry will easily realise that.”

The purchase of Bredent implants is already available for dental professionals at dentamedshop.com

Attracting as partners a leading dental implant manufacturer like Bredent and internationally operating supplier like Dentamed is a huge step forward for Dentacoin towards its goal to bring the needed efficiencies in all areas of the dental industry.

Dentacoin is already implemented as means of payment at seventeen dental clinics around the world (in USA, Australia, UK, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Taiwan, Fiji, India) and more than 10 000 people are actively using the developed tools (Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, DentaVox Research Platform, Dentacare mobile app). Recently Dentacoin also announced strategic partnerships with Arklign, an end-to-end digital dental lab partner located in San Jose, California, and PCP Dental Recruitment, one of the fastest growing dental recruitment agencies in the UK. The currency cycle is closed.


Ive seen this since it first was released… This is a fail… And this is coming from a dentist who would love to somehow utilize crypto.


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