What is ICONbet? Information on the platform which creates 80% of Icx daily transactions

Hi guys! Today i would like to inform you guys on the platform Iconbet. ICONbet is a DAO(decentralized autonomous organization) Casino DAPP running on the ICON network.

The ICONbet native token is called TAP and there are a finite number of TAP tokens(625 Million) which represent the ownership of the ICONbet platform. All the Excess(Profit) the platform makes is distributed to the TAP holders.

I will link 2 articles with further information.

Iconbet currently creates around 70/80% of Icx’s Daily TX’s. Can be checked here: icon.community

What is iconbet? https://medium.com/@heemadeepreddy/what-is-iconbet-2c307b75cbc0

Getting started on Iconbet https://medium.com/@heemadeepreddy/getting-started-on-iconbet-20b9b55282f6

This is really the first and only DAO casino DAPP.


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