What is the best alternative to TradingView for technical analysis


What are you using for trading?


I’m also looking for what you guys are using , on mobile and PC


I am considering getting a pro member, because I need more than 3 studies in my chart…


Someone told me coinigy would be pretty good, but it’s also not for free I think.
It’s not about a few bucks but about if there is something equaly as good for free.


I like Coinigy a lot - https://www.coinigy.com - you can add APIs for the great majority of the main exchanges so you’ve got the tools and the ability to make the trades, placing them on the chart itself. Plenty of Youtube tutorials too. Free for the first month and if you like it, it’s 15-20 bucks a month thereafter. I like it a lot and been using it for a few months. It pays for itself if you can get the best out of it.


Tabtrader on Android is awesome paired with my Bittrex api!!!


We recently launched our charting app focused on crypto currency.

GoCharting - Analytics Driven Charting and Trading App

We are a free beta service and we got the following features for you.

APIs/features available on our launch:

  1. Real-time free charting

  2. No annoying ads

  3. 1 second and tick trade data

  4. 2000+ crypto currencies; 14k crypto currency pairs

  5. Support 80+ global crypto exchanges

  6. Customizable HTML5 charting

  7. Advanced charts such as Renko, Kagi, Heikin Ashi, Point and Figure

  8. 300+ customizable indicators, no cap on how many indicators you would like to add to your chart

  9. Drawing tools and candlestick pattern recognition

  10. Plot up to 4 charts at a time

  11. EOD and 5 IEOD intervals

  12. Social sharing

  13. Save your study on the cloud (unlimited charts)



Hey! I am using www.bitsgap.com platform. You can add your API keys and trade on many exchanges from one interface. They also have really cool arbitrage trading service. And they are free :slight_smile:


Hi All,

Gocharting has now added its very own scripting framework called GSCRIPT - an easy to use and code scripting language which can be used by the users to create their own custom technical indicators. Even better, store unlimited number of them on the cloud for future reference absolutely free


GoCharting is now the only platform where you can view multiple DOM Charts in the same window


GoCharting now brings Bar Replay to cryptocurrency charting. We are the only platform that enables bar replay on advanced charts such as Renko, Kagi etc.


Nice. Joined and shilling! Would be great if you give us more context around your project.


Do you have Renko on all time frames for free? Also can scripts be added to the charts?


Yes renko, kagi, point and figure charts are available for all time frames for free.
Yes, you can add indicators using scripting (G-Script)


Markets went stale the last few hours. Icx moving in a 2.5c range since 19:35 :facepunch:t2:


@peter Please let me know what would you like to know about our project. https://gocharting.com

We are an advanced charting and trading terminal for cryptocurrency market. Launched in Q2,2018, we are one of the largest aggregators of crypto data supporting 110 exchanges and 22,000 trading pairs. We cover the entire nine yards of technical analysis and research.

We are a free service for now. You can ping me directly on discord or email us at admin@gocharting.com

I will be happy to address all your queries


Three new updates pushed to production in [https://gocharting.com[/b]] https://gocharting.com ](http://[b/) today

  1. You can now download the price and orderbook data by clicking on the small excel buttons on the chart

  1. Better multi chart layout in fullscreen mode. A common header for all charts allowing more room for chart display

  1. Better navigation of all exchanges and markets supported by GoCharting

Feedback is welcome.



GOCHARTING 2.0 is now live!!! Zillions of new features and more realtime than any other platform on the web