What is the best hidden gem ( crypto ) out that no one knows about?


Reply with your hidden gems so we can all get rich together!

Requirement to be a hidden gem:
Has to have an extremely low market cap ( les than like 400m i’d say )

My personal favorite is PolyMath. Only blockchain solution out there for a 10 trillion market + amazing team ( I know someone, who knows someone who knows someone who knows the team )


I have been looking into AChain. They already have many Dapps and is a forkable platform . Also into Aion (Will release their mainet soon) and Polymath(Securitys) :slight_smile: I am also into HPB!


Mysterium! I think it will be awhile before it goes off, but that’s more time for me to DCA a few dollars into it every week.


PHO :joy:



I guess Komodo (KMD) fits the bill. Around $500k market cap. If you read their white paper, their tech is solid.


CPChain could be fucking huge.

Partners and Investors

In addition to partnerships with industry, CPChain has established in a short amount of time an impressive list of partners from the blockchain community. These include Qtum, HPB, and Metaverse. Together these companies form a synergistic ecosystem, which should benefit the overall group as a whole while cementing CPChain’s position as the core platform for IoT integration.

Overall Outlook

CPChain has been quietly flying under the radar due to the fact that they have been more focused on research and development than marketing and publicity. Their private sale of $30 million dollars sold out in less than 48 hours, obviating the need for a public ICO and all the media attention that usually surrounds a cryptocurrency crowdsale.

If CPChain can further develop their relationship with SAIC and use that as a springboard to develop relationships with other organizations in the private and public sector they will better be able to position themselves as the broad-based IoT platform for China and beyond. Their partnerships with other blockchain leaders should further support this goal and drive a steady stream of opportunities and technology advancements and integration their way.

Some of the best companies on the planet have emerged out of research labs; and in this particular industry where research talent is needed to solve some of the highly technical challenges posed by IoT infrastructure, CPChain has a significant advantage. Dr. Long has put together an impressive team with backgrounds ideally suited for accomplishing the grand vision they propose. With their team, partnerships, technology and opportunity, it would not be surprising to see CPChain emerge as the dominant China-based IoT platform and a competitor to IOTA with its own multi-billion dollar market capitalization at some point in the near future.

  • Matsernodes
  • Automotive industry


They are also partnered with HPB apparently :slight_smile:


Thanks. Looks good at only a 2mil market cap o:


I have heard very good things about KDM from others too, one to watch for sure.


I have a good feeling about Dentacoin (DCN) due to the fact that is attached to the dental industry - it’s around 314M market cap currently and they have a bit of a bonus in that you get earn coins when you get a dentist to sign up or something - sounds like a Dental MLM which I am all for - and the Dental Industry is essentially recession proof and incredibly wealthy - maybe we can be part of that - besides @peter would make a hell of a spokes-model - just sayin’


Lol. I wasn’t impressed with it.

But thanks for the feedback!


Just cuz you’ve got a great smile! Not sure about the coin - I guess we’ll see :slight_smile:


Gotta agree with @audiolove - I’m very excited about Polymath.

I think these guys are going to be THE platform for security tokens.



Unity Ingot Gold (UNY) changing to (DIG) in a day or so

Unity Ingot explained gold backed crypto,a real sleeper


Im into AMB & TRIG never been down on AMB good white paper very intriguing same as trig


GVT anyone? Genesis Vision.


I been checking out CPChain. Seems very interesting but also risky. I saw a review from a guy a trust and who also speaks Chinese and he said there was some red flags on this. Might be that its just early in their process but made me a bit worried. But I will keep following it and dig some more :slight_smile:




The Online OS


I agree. There’s a high risk to reward ratio with this right now.


Interesting. Lots of competitors in this space, though.