What is the best hidden gem ( crypto ) out that no one knows about?


FUEL (Etherparty).
look at market cap and supply.


does look an interesting coin


Not sure if nobody knows about them, but i’m looking into IOTchain and Matrixchain. I’m still convinced the dip isn’t over yet, so i will be holding off on buying for now.


I think lottery on the blockchain is very interesting. I hadn’t heard of it and thought it was a good idea and of course there are some players in the space already #TooLate!

Fire Lotto (FLOT) and Wild Crypto (Wild) were the best 2 that I came across so far. Definitely a utility for it and the fact that you can hold winnings in crypto and not cash out means there could be some interesting tax advantages to it.


Old people do lottery, young people buy crypto :wink:


from a pure mathematical perspective that looks like a gem. can you tell us more about what they do?


My pick is TRIG. Especially in the day and age we are living in.


ehhh that foolishnes day and age you live in is only in America. Rest of world has far more sense than that.


Definitely true…but smart weapons are what I believe are the future.


LSK looks like a great project. Maybe too high of a marketcap for your criteria. But it looks like a good buy in point right now for all the news attention it is getting. Even just for a quick swing.


the one that only i know of!


i dont know if they are “hidden gems” but they are certainly "early/under 1 USD

Oxy - allows you to purchase many/any coin with fiat right from a mobile app

Cobinhood - zero fee exchange. similar to binance as far as software/look/feel


Simple Token (OST) is another. Really solid organisation that is creating side-chains for corporate clients who have to pay for the service using Simple Tokens. They’re constantly updating the community of new clients and partnerships and are releasing their OST Kit soon. Their ICO was so well run that they now offer a KYC / whitelisting solution. They seem very well placed to pick up a lot of business from organisations that want someone else to do the work for them and do it well. Their CEO Jason Goldberg is great at comms, very transparent. I’ve been in since ICO but recently sold off half of my LINK to increase my OST position by 20%.

There’s a buy back by Simple soon on the open market of around 5% of their tokens which will potentially drive up the price, as I said, the OST Kit is incoming very very soon, and they’re being signalled in a number of different places as one to watch. Their price remained relatively stable through the previous crash but is now back at the price it was back in December of around 30c with a market cap of 80m.

You do your own research but if I’m confident of any project the next month or two, I’m confident of these guys.


I was almost tempted to buy firelotto, but it seemed sketchy to me. Only time will tell if i made the right call :slight_smile:


Haha I don’t play it myself but I have a lot of employees in there 30’s and 40’s who play.

The lottery is most states in the US is the biggest asset and income, its perfect for blockchain. You can easily guarantee 80% of the pot to the winners and if its in crypto you might just be able to figure out a way to not pay capital gains. On top of that if you win it in BTC you also now have an asset that is going to continue to decrease. In a few years you will be like aww man I remember when I said lottery was for old people.

You make a good point though crypto age is younger and I know what I could get you to play and now I can’t mention it because I know its hasnt been created yet lol


Yeah im not buying into it yet I have to do more research but it is really intriguing. Something so simple that has withstood the test of time fits so naturally on the blockchain.


Oh i agree. Lotto on the blockchain is eventually going to be a big thing, but firelotto as a company just didn’t seem right :wink:


Chainlink too the moon.




Take a look at COV

It just recently launched after ICO, the actual price at $0.97 is just a little lower than the price at last ICO tier, so great entry point. (17.5 million tokens circulating)

Beta of the platform coming Q1, so just weeks away…
The platform will enable users to “copytrade” other succesfull traders automaticly without any knowledge of trading at exchanges…

Alpha / MVP -> https://mvp.covesting.io/#/
Traders can sign up to the platform here -> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfcD070-qQOLn7dJfdNHA_knZjV_V5dx3vxfSofX2ItY41cRQ/viewform