What is the best path?

Hi cryptonation

I bought some BTC on gdax and would like to keep most of it. Iโ€™m thinking of buying a bit ETC with a part. So now the question is do I send all my funds to my exodus wallet and do the exchange there? Or should I already split the ammount that I want to exchange and send this to my binance account?

With what will I run cheaper in the end?

Thanks for the help!

See you on the moon!:full_moon::man_astronaut:


Send the HODL BTC from GDAX to exodus. Then, send the other half from GDAX to binance.

Minimizing the number of transfers = minimize the fees.


Thatโ€™s what I thought as wellโ€ฆ But I will transfer my ETC to my Exodus afterwards as well.
I think if I do the exchange inside Exodus i get 2-3% fee.
That would mean 1 transfer to Exodus afterwards 1 exchange in Exodus.

On the other hand 2 trasfers (since I splitted) 1 exchange on Binance (with trading fee) an 1 transfer again to Exodus.


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