What is width of a standard dual slot GPU?*


Hi everyone :grin:
Got got myself a new case w/8pci-e slots on mobo. But paperwork says guys must be 45mm or smaller. Am I ok to grab most any dual slot gpus? I’m looking @ the evga 1070s, would hate to order 8 cards just to find they don’t fit!
Any help/insight would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance :sunglasses:
Apologies for typo. Kinda hate spellchecker on this new phone lol
*GPU must be 45mm…


What mobo do you use? Are you planning on enclosed rig mining? That would be cool, since a lot on open air rigs… i saw someone on the pub made a case for his rigs, that is also cool… if they dont fit, you still have an option to use pcie riser kit, from posts and articles i read…


Hey buddy…
Gonna use a ptebought case I saw on voskcoin. It’s kinda like an octo board w/enclosed case, fans, cpu and USB w/smOS preconfigured. I sing a 1600 watt server PSU (Half the price vs modular) and I’m grabbing an 8-pack of Asus 1060 6gb GPUs for it. Frankly, the entire rig minus the graphics boards actually comes out to be $50 LESS than a full blown DIY rig. Figured I’d give it a shot! Check em out @ miningcave.com (or maybe .net). Lemme know what you think. They shipped the case out to me in 3 days. Looks like a winner (on paper). I will update layer this week w/proven hesitates etc. Thanks for inquiring bro. Now that I settled on 1060s, I don’t need to worry about double fat cards :grin::grin::grin:


nice looking website though they sell pretty good deal, to noy DIYers maybe thats the best choice just buy which suits best… good info bro :+1:


Everything that I have found states that a standard duel slot GPU like a reference 1080 is approximately 1.55 inches. I know most of the ROG strix cards are 2.5 slots and not two slots. I have also ran into issues with standard duel slot cards not getting enough air.

I would highly recommend if you are going with an enclosure you go with Reference cards. An enclosed case is meant for a front to back air flow and standard gaming cards do not exhaust out the back like a reference card does.

Also if you want to get extremely fancy you could water cool them and take them down to single slot cards.