What is Yen? An analysis as if I were a new comer researching Yen



As @john mentioned, there is something in the works to bring a little more transparency - whether it’ll be enough for everyone, that will remain to be seen. I encourage anyone who’s interested in what’s being built to visit, follow, and dig around in their github. This is a technology project after-all.


This :point_up_2:
One of my biggest frustrations whenever I read/watch any posts/vids about yen.


As an alpha Cohort completer who got a card, is being on-boarded in the last Cohort draw with other alpha completers and those who showed up at the pub meetup, but hasn’t upgraded from cryptonaught to quartermaster, I don’t know what the f is going on half the time.

Need skin in game to play the game, or to sit in on the QM chats, at least that’s the message.

Find something to do, and do it, if that’s what you feel called to do. A large part of our community is voicing their willingness to do so.

Doing something to fill a need where you see one is easier said then done, especially with all the observations shared above in this thread.


THANK YOU @john and @peter!!!

This is exactly what I think was needed. Sure some of the questions are still not answered as they do not have answers yet. This is completely acceptable and expected.

I have done a few posts and played with the platform a bit today a lunch time. To be completely honest not exactly sure what to do with it right now. I do not use Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram so I am a bit off when it comes to testing this type of platform. Later this evening I take a closer look at the Github and try to use that to direct me on the beta testing.


Wow. That new context though. Didn’t know you didn’t do social. That’s good to know


Ahhh, finally! This is hugely helpful for those of us out of the loop. Good work guys!



Watch the latest stream for more info.


Thats why I was very clear with that in the first paragraph of my analysis. It is a very large bias.


@Nekko, @Nathan_D, glad you guys looked at the github as I hinted above several days ago. Something to chew on.


Wish I had more feedback to put here, but I don’t. Its a social media platform and I have no intrest in them so I am finding it hard to gather the ambition or want to test it. Just to reiterate my bias here I think social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and instagram have been a detriment to society as a whole. As in they have done/caused more harm than good. So I will never be the target audience for such a site.

@john you asked me a week or so ago what would I want to see or what would help me in the crypto space. I thought about this for quite a bit and the simple answer is currently nothing as the market hasn’t been flushed out enough to even determine what I would use or what I wouldn’t use. For me personally to make Yen and even the forums here better have a word minimum for posts. By doing this it will cut out the majority of the clutter / BS posts. It would also make people think and clarify their statements a bit more. My first paragraph is 80 words and the first two sentences is approx 30 words. So maybe have a min around 25 or so. Right now the Pub has a 20 character minimum maybe this should be 20 word. The biggest thing I do not like about the social media sites is the one word or only a meme or gif posts. They just clutter, make noise, and provide no real value in my eyes.

Anyhow those are my thoughts currently as I see new functions added I will play with it more.


appreciate this honest answer! there’s a lot that i don’t like about social media sites as well… our hope is to do it differently, but, we’ll see if we can pull it off!

there’s a lot of change coming in our industry and our world… we all need more time to understand what we should (or shouldn’t) be doing with the limited amount of resources we all have!


I hope you had time to watch the QM replay from last night. Maybe that will help, or not.

We’ve had many users leave because YEN has not met their needs in the “current state.” - We’re ok with that.

We’ll continue to grow it regardless! Thanks for your feedback.


I plan on staying around and trying it out. I will probably never be a main user or target audience and thats ok with me and it sounds like you guys are also ok with that.

Keep building I will try to find things I like. Remember also most if not all people are invested in things because they know they will make them money or it will be a big deal even if they don’t use the product or the company they are invested in.

Keep building keep doing great work.


Yen isnt going to be a need for everyone such as bitcoin apart from making the “gains” for some but the people who do need bitcoin its a way of going about their lives and doing simple commerce with one another on a wider scale without a bank.

That is how i see yen is a need for simple transactions in one place, content creation is the layer on top for a promotion to what you want to build for your own community or product on yen… your own bitcoin.pub.
A few of the QM have established their own community on discord with content and its exciting to see and will be transfered to yen.

I cant tell people what yen really is because its still being built with the community input right now, its just convaying our messages of our needs what we want to have on yen ie private transactions and groups.

Alot of the information comes from discord voice chats and QM streams but the information and keypoints kind of get lost and forgetten unless youre willing to dig through the discord and patreon videos or keep up with it.

Right now i have no concerns its still very new and its expected to have pain points to not have enough information and functions of what the product is to be, i tell alot of people just to watch the beta test for now unless you want to contribute to the testing and improvements or just wait for public release.
I guess thats the problem for a public to see developement is people expect too much too soon and theres only so many hours in the day to get work done.

If people ain’t being dumb on facebook or youtube they’ll be dumb somehwere els but the useful content will be there to learn if you’re willing to put in the work.


To add im investing my time in yen because i see a need to create that passive income I was looking for by selling and promoting my product and service

I like to be hands on instead of sitting from afar telling people how its done thats how I’ve always viewed leaders and made me successful in what iv done


@Nekko @john @peter

Yen is the next level.
You can compare it to other platforms however if you look at the meta game- and like Gary V. had mentioned in a podcast I believe last year- that we are in a new generation of media, comparing it to the media of the 40s and 50s where radio turned into tv into film…Back then you 3 networks ABC,CBS and NBC…Radio artists had a hard time moving to film and tv…because TV was the new media. Phones were still archaic and radio was left to the DeeJays up until the late 80s and 90s once videogaming took over. Who listens to morning shows anymore? No one. Who listens to Howard Stern or shock jocks? you have to go on Sirius or YouTube…Who has a house phone?? Most folks use their cell as a house phone…The new big three are Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix and you can throw in Xfinity/Comcast and Verizon in there as well…These are the new tv stations folks and the smartphone is the tv now. Trust me, if you are a new actor in Hwood, you are not looking for some tv show on ABC or the other two- you are going for Netflix or some thing on those platforms…Household name is key, and if you are a new platform attempting to be a major player in less then 10 years then you need to be the Spartacus of that arena to gain that attraction and attention. Facebook blew up only because there were other platforms similar in style that were in use but not widely available on college campuses thus Facebook was born from that end. Also it did not blow up overnite, and took some time to become a major player,just like Amazon, just like Twitter or even Snapchat (also it should be noted that this is cryptocurrency we are dealing with and not simple messaging…my daughter is 11 and is on Snapchat often, so you see the issue once this becomes mainstream…can you imagine kids buying crypto via some message board?) What should be queried is the total usage of exchanges by folks aged between 13-20, 21-25, 26-36 etc… That would be an interesting set of stats then you could set where and what you would point the Yen platform to. Do you cater to the Twitterheads or to Facebook friends? Or to just those traipsing exchanges?
I will say this: when this platform is officially released, its going to move mountains. I have already spoke to a few associates who are literally chewing at the bit to help get this mainstream. From what I have seen so far its clearly on the right footing.
What I have noticed is that it needs to be more immersive, more tangible like Instagram in its use.
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Some great example use cases for YEN!


I’m sure this will age well.



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