What’s your 9-5?


What do you do for your career/job?

I’m an animal behaviorist. For 12 years I was a marine mammal trainer (dolphins, killer whales, sea lions etc). I have also trained large cats and worked with many many other species of animals. Currently I own a dog training company in Lake Tahoe, Ca.


You have the coolest, most nonconventional sounding job ever :sunglasses:


watching peter breakdance thats my job


Whales you say? Can you train them to quit driving prices down?


Cool job :slight_smile:

I’m now going at my third year as software (full-stack) developer working on a few projects. This is my first full-time job, so aside from some summer-jobs when I was still in high school, I haven’t done much else. Still working on my Bachelor’s degree. Writing the thesis in addition to a full-time job is pretty taxing :stuck_out_tongue: but at least I found a topic, which relates to one of the projects I’m working on.


I’ve been running my own Convenience Store/Smoke Shop/Authorized Uhaul Dealer for over a year now when I bought it in October of 2016. Aside from that, I’m also a professional beer pong organizer/player who travels the country hosting and competing in events.


Continuing to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.


Building Automation/ Energy Management/ Building Retuning (Software and Hardware) for maximum energy efficiency through IOT


Mid level management in federal government.


Audiobook editor, post production audio, recording/mixing music, studio technician. Cant wait to be more financially independent!


Quite a wide range of jobs we have here…

I’m a timber rep/merchandiser in Australia. I spend most of my time on the road between stores. I’m quitting in a month and haven’t really planned what’s next. Going to live off some crypto profits for a little bit and spend time doing things I enjoy. Might get back into graphic design and actually use my degree… lol


Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur.


Commercial construction superintendent


I sell real estate. Specialize in investment properties and rehab/flips, which is really fun. But I have one foot out the door as I plan to spend about half time in crypto and possibly eventually full time. I am ready for the change and I love crypto. Doing crypto full time is a moon goal :slight_smile:


I work for a mainstream news provider.


Sadly, I’m on a 7-5 schedule but I’m a construction worker out in Seattle, WA! Nice physical labor job with funny guys but when it pours rain like how it does every other day it can kind of be a hassle haha


Sheet metal/airframe tech on helicopters


I used to be an Investment Banker. Now I am chilling with you guys . :slight_smile: . Stacking coins.



I work nightshift on a railroad. Swinging hammers to make these crypto gains. Everyone elses jobs sound so much more fulfilling.