What´s your plan/tradingstrategy after the fork?

  • Do you think we will se a pullback for BTC after the BTG-fork? In that case, whats your plan?
  • Or do you think most people will wait and hodl through the segwit2x as well? (any known date for the Seqwit2x yet?)
  • Which specific altcoins do you think will gain the most from the possible pullback - if the investments go back to alts again?
  • Whats your plan/strategy? Will you sell your BTC after the fork and hope to repurchase some more BTC in case of a pullback?
  • Whats your plan with your Bitcoin gold? Will you HODL or sell?

Curious to hear your thoughts… :slightly_smiling_face:


I don´t know if I put this topic in wrong category since I got no answers. Or maybe it´s just me being interested in speculations?

But I’m really interested to hear your plans for different scenarios after the fork, to get some inputs and ideas myself,

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or maybe no one has a plan? :stuck_out_tongue:
Nobody can really tell what’s going to happen… So I would advise not going all-in in whatever you will do :slight_smile: (sell BTC to buy lower, buy alts for quick gains…)

But still if you have plans I would gladly hear them :slight_smile:


I don’t think there will be much of a pull back in BTC after the fork. Unless some major news hits I think BTC will continue up and not go below 5K the remainder of 2017. I do think by mid November money will flow into alt coins and the top alt coins will rise in proportion with the gains we have seen with BTC recently. New money entering the market will be the biggest driver of alt coins increasing.


Haha! True @BTL ! Maybe no one has a plan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not that much of a gambler at all so I believe my plan is to just HODL it through what ever happens.

To sell my BTC with the intention to buy some more in a pullback is actually one of my biggest mistakes ever in trading. Because the speculated pullback just went $100 and then it turned around and went upp $200… and I waited and waited and waited for that pullback… but then out of nothing it just rallied almost $400 before I threw my hat off and jumped right back in again. Wich I’m glad that I did, since it just continued to rally… (that unpredictable little rascal :wink: )

If I would sell off in a pullback now I would of course put a new buyorder att the same level as my sellorder, to garantee that I get my BTC back at the same price, but I was new to the game and greedy at that point and had set my mind on getting that pullback that never showed. Haha! You live and you learn :roll_eyes:

So this time I believe I just HODL… and hope for my alts to go up as well… :slight_smile:


Thats totally the scenario I’m hoping for! :slight_smile:


I’d like to see BTC drop cuz I’m a greedy little bugger and want more. :blush:


Haha! @kryptokenzie :grinning: Let´s hope for that as well then!

It will go right back up again anyway - so you’ll just take the elevator down to the lobby and fetch some snacks and go back to the party again :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually I think it will go down below 5000 - how much is impossible to say of course - but at least to test the last resistancepoint around 4960 and a little bit further down, to build another support around that level. But I even believe it could go further down since its been pretty much rallying straight up for a long while now. Around 4100-4200 would be a healthy pullback I think.


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