What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


I’m working on The Pub in one of the very few Barnes and Nobles near the San Francisco airport… grinding on the business model and other technical debt…

Your turn…!!

March 8, 2018 - ROLL CALL! - What a Week... and We’re Not Done Yet!
Where are you everyday?
Getting Started @ The Pub :beers:
May 5, 2018 ROLL CALL

Look @john found the only B&N in existence! I thought those things were a thing of the past lol


I am at home, it is 00:23 over here in England at the moment. I am reflecting on this last week, and learning some good lessons, and consolidating and shifting from periodic trading, and starting to formulate a HODL strategy.

I’ve got the man, Peter, on my TV and I am laughing periodically at his witty banter! I’ve got my dog on my feet, and my girlfriend asleep in bed. Life is perfect!


Im sitting in my recliner in front of the fire with my morning coffee, with one of my doggies at my feet and watching the snow falling outside. Im doing it tough lol.


Just a PUB crawler and his dog! Love it


Sometimes you have to just run with the bulls…


Pure sexiness all around. That Audi is my favorite :hugs:


That red lambo… Jesus


At the beach with the fam! Taking some time to remember WHY I’m doing this.
For our families, for our futures.

I need a lambo that can fit a car seat. lol BAM!


It’s Monday morning in Seoul Korea. Being a tourist for another week. Anyone here in Seoul? Would be nice to meet the Bitcoin Pub member while traveling.
This is me dressing up in Korean traditional outfit visiting Gyeongbokgung palace.


Cute dog! <3 looking very peaceful there.


Damn look at these beasts. Awesome


Have always wanted to visit Korea. I here it is beautiful there!


Barnes and Noble has been closed down a lot. I only know one place that is still there in Union square NYC.


@peter , some people look at one’s success with envy and jealousy yet do not try and seek the most fundamental principle; realising that for materialistic gains in life, there has to be a precipitating individual who had dedication, commitment, persistent, passion, regard, willingness to fail but learn, and most importantly, being humble.

You truly deserve it brother! You have gained a lot of respect and people who feel your words of inspiration with love. The PUB is what I have needed for such a long time. Without you it would not exist, and without us, it would not serve any purpose. Unity is a sweet thaaaaaaaang my man!!

Like those cars that have big BHP, so does the very thing that unites us; BITCOIN HAS POOOOOOOOOWER!!!

Much love bro


I’m in a city area. It’s clean and very developed place. Everything is well organized like trains, :recycle:️ and people. So far I enjoy it a lot. I wish I know some locals so I can enjoy the culture deeper.


ah, you look great! looks like you’re having such a great time! :heart_eyes:


Thank you! I am having a good time. I love traveling. Crypto currency gives me such life! Much fun! :rocket::rocket::rocket:


if it was not mignight I would drive to the BN here just to selfie it for you


There is a lot of them still in Columbus, Ohio