What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Bombing down the back roads of Michigan about 30 miles east of big rapids… had to pull a couple u turns to snag a pic of this behemoth lol


Gathering the Cryptonauts and QMs to meet @sukim!


Well fuck me I missed it.


That Charlie lee tho with @Groovedude


Hell yeah, get Chuck to shill Yen. He’s shilled none litecoin related projects before.


Yoooo welcome back bro! :beers:


In the North of Sweden at home at the moment

Chilled pretty much on the couch all day

Went into town for a bit with the mrs and the girl to have a massive thai feed

Looking forward to a new week tomorrow with an upgrade release of one of our products and some other exciting developments happening in the company in the upcoming weeks.


Try walking next time, its good for your health


Playing some PUBG. Love a makeshift human centipede.


went and saw Thomas Jefferson’s grave the other day. Cool guy, doesn’t say much these days though.

I do wonder what he would think of our world and what its become today.

@MaxP “Cosy”


Working on the wall space for YouTube Studio Recording, Note: I am not a DYI Guy. As I’ve told many of my friends in the past, I am a cook not a carpenter. Today I told myself, argue for your limitations … you shall have them. Now I just need a good OBS tutorial to edit video… :film_projector:


House coming together. The couch and plants especially made it feel more like home instead of a Airbnb lol


Bought a nice lady a drink in Switzerland today.
I hope to the visit country one day. LN rocks.


Finishing up a window and brick replacement on a house I helped build when I was 18.


most clean desk space in a long… time.


Long night ahead for me.


stormy weather all day… got a good amount of work done in the home office…
rims got dirty as fk in the rain…


was going to pick up some bitcoin anonymously last night on paxful and was sketched out by an under market seller… any ideas on why someone is giving away free bitcoin… it has been on my mind all day…
should I have bought?


would not want to entertain any of that


Where did u get that red BTC hat?