What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


New tattoo day



Awesome! Glad to hear it, Im sure you passed on some wisdom. Sign any autographs? :joy:

Jealous mate, would love to be off somewhere hot right now. Instead still grinding it out in the army, getting cold and wet a lot more often then i’d like. But leaving the army soon for hopefully a sunnier lifestyle working as a deckhand on the superyacts.

Personally I am still holding my entire portfolio, BNB, ICX, XRP, and now just started DCAing into Huobi. Will also continue to chip away at adding some BTC to that aswell up to as close as i can get to 1 BTC.

You still feeling optimistic about the space as a whole? I am, i really do believe we’ll get another mania phase in the market at some point. Could take years though…



Nice tattoo max, bottled it though on the :btc: or :icx: :joy:

How you been though big lad?



Haha! Cheers man

I’m good! How’s you?



dont know about the ears but looks to be stoned AF :smoking: :relieved:



Haha no autographs, but some students did ask for my business cards, so hope to pass on some more support in case they contact me.

Superyachts, something tells me you’ll have some interesting stories to tell in a while.

Yes I’m still very optimistic about the space, it is still early days in my opinion, so rather would not have sold my LTC, but who knows we all might be dead in 1 year from now, so should at least try to create some fun experiences (holidays).

I might be able to free up some cash later this year and that’ll probably go into cryptos.



Just an update - Got the B1 back in June last year. Time is running so fast! Now I’m testing for the B2 oral test in 6 hours. Already had the written exam last Monday.
You have a point, the B2 is quite sufficient for daily interactions.
Still approaching the C1 level but at first I need a nice break to digest the hell I’ve studied the past few months !
Cheers :fist:



You can do it! Keep going!







Excellent! That is great news! I look forward to the updates.



Love it, nice screen cap lol



lol. @Nemisist419 & @CryptoMykel so bros. :stuck_out_tongue:



Honestly miss the old hangouts.



What hangouts are you referring to?





Day Trip to Atlanta. Had to stop by and get my fill at one of the best seafood spots in the A.



Really just miss the pub. I haven’t been around



My work today.



The newest experiment is here!



It’s been a whole month since I graduated from a coding Bootcamp in Toronto called lighthouse Labs, and I could not be more happy that I took the opportunity. Aside from the great curriculum and instructors, they sent me interview after interview with employers that they knew.

In some ways it made sense that almost no employer wanted me, having no university degree and no real work experience was somewhat of a turn off, as such, almost all of the interviews fell through. That was the case until last week when I interviewed for a fin-tech company called Fundthrough, the interviewer was a really cool guy, and it was one of the least stressful interviews that I had taken up until that point.

I have to commend the hiring process of this company, because they didn’t care that I didn’t have the experience, all the interviewer asked for after we had finished was that I should send him 5 or 6 of my code samples (projects and such). Four days later I get an email from him saying he’s ready to move forward, and that I should come out to meet the team.

I cant express just how relieved I was, I had started to get stressed 7 interviews and no offers really puts a damper on the excitement I felt after having completed the Bootcamp, nevertheless here I was ready to receive an offer.

I couldn’t have possibly imagined how great the opportunity was - for context, I live two hours away from Toronto, so I assumed I had to move, and a starting salary isn’t really enough to pay for life in Toronto - it turned out that it was mostly remote, working with technologies that I had already used, and I only had to come in one day a week (Wednesday).

So here I am, on the train heading to my first Wednesday meeting and I can’t help but being thankful to @john for having encouraged me to go for a coding Bootcamp so many months ago, and to @peter for further telling me how great of an opportunity it really was.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.