What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Thanks. I don’t know the name nor connection, but I’ll look him up.


Welcome! Glad you’re here. Feel free to partake in discussions and even start some! Lots of resources here for you to learn from. Cheers!


ceo of JP Morgan who made an ass of him self trolling Bitcoin


lol yeh? I’d take Florida over a windy Wellington any day of the week.


Welcome to the Pub. Glad your here. Get ready for a ride.


Cool logo btw


One of Andreas recent interviews. Nothing mind blowing, but Andreas none the less.


And soaking in the chem trails, gotta love it.


That’s right, CNBC “Deal with it” for BCASH. Nice.


i know that feeling bro: https://john.do/3-years-sf/


thanks! Appreciate it.


For those interested in making swag.


Thanks. Ill keep those on file for sure. We’re getting close to a piece for YEN. Keep it comin my good friend.
Is that the final type set for YEN? Or are you still exploring with all upper case? Color is agnostic still, I get that.


The type is set for now.


Celebrating national doughnut day


Flew home today! Every time I visit another country it always confirms even more to me how much I want to move out the UK!


Doing a bunch of things today as I have to cram it into my one off day before work again. Once my crypto portfolio shows me some love, I’ll be able to do all of these things full time :slight_smile: .

  • Assets for websites.

  • Work on portfolio website.

  • Work on crypto website.

  • Video games… maybe.

  • Spend time on here.

  • Music production… probably


Wow, you sound like me. Foaming at the mouth to get out of this grind so I can do fun shit like putting 40’s on my head like Peter.


Luckily I’m home for two weeks then I’m off to Jamaica!


Doing some “market research and team building” riding the world’s tallest star flyer that just opened today

Bonus, its next to the biggest farris wheel called “icon” it’s a sign. Icon is gonna be huge :slight_smile: