What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Only have one question : )


Amazon fairy brought me my weekly mining rig dca


Loaded one of my kayaks for a weekend paddle, went to a birthday party, did some laundry, jerry-rigged a broken landscape drip system sprinkler attachment and then discovered that I also needed to replace a buried push-on tee, which was a struggle due to the proximity of some asphalt and the edge of the tubing folding over and not allowing a good seal. But I finally got it after a lot of cussing and sacrificing some knuckles and some hide.


Anyone else experience the annoying bug with Visa cards yesterday??


@MaxP you mean this one?


That’s the one! I heard it was across Europe too.


Globally if you happened to be trying to use a UK registered VISA debit card overseas but I haven’t seen any evidence of VISA failing for originating countries other than the UK.


yeah nothing wrong over here in usa that i saw


Replacing @CryptoMom alternator :wrench:


Like a f*ckin boss. My type of man.


Jeep’n with the fam. No agenda just need to get out of the house. Might wind up at disney or something


I love this!!! Great snap! Love jeeps!


What type of car is it?
Alternator doesn’t look that old.


yeah that’s the new one , and it’s creating current so time for a beer :beer:


Ford Expedition …


Meeting up with friends. And having amazing Japanese food. :yum::sake:


You saved my day! Seriously. :kissing_heart:


Its around 90 degree F :desert:… Playing Futball :soccer: . Corporate Challenge. #CorporateSlave :sweat_smile:


Drove 2 minutes to paddle on a little nearby lake


This is excellent! I love it!