What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Yesterday was honey harvest time. :honeybee:


some of the best updates ever. i love seeing these pictures!


Buffalo Wild Wings added a new flavor…Korean Barbeque! SoCal is getting ready!


Reconnaissance survey for new comms towers in Mining Area C. Last few days of work, before officially changing my career, to crypto nut. It’s days like this I think I will miss be paid to work in the great outdoors.


We got out Tshirts!!! Shout out to @Bang_Bang_Chaingang for designing the epic logo


Too legit to quit looks awesome


So guess who finally crossed over to the dark side! Will try doing initial setup today. Prepare for some noob questions too.


what are you mining?


i’ve recently been through the ringer on the amd side for the first time. feel free to ask any questions in the mining section or on discord. lots of helpful people here.


have a good one folks!


I work in essex, lovely area mate. Glad to have a fellow pub member, live so close! Don’t stress, it’ll all work out in the end. We are going through the doldrums of the market cycle right now, people are despondent, slightly in despair and losing vision.

We’ll get our time in the sun :slight_smile:


All fine with me as I am an investor not a trader. 70% Icx so I know which way things will go…eventually :smiley:


Got caught up with some other things during the day and haven’t had a chance to setup as yet. I’ll start off with the “default” ETH to get the hang of things, then decide if to branch off later.


Thanks, I’ll be posting my questions in some old threads if they apply, or simply create a new one if I don’t find what I’m looking for.


think about monero. AMDs are great for it!


so are household appliances :pepe:


The RX Vegas are supreme for that. We’re probably mining it right now! :joy::joy::rofl:


Do it mate. Best decision I ever made.


Watching Apple’s war against Facebook’s privacy violations(WWDC 2018) :smiley:


Literally everywhere you go in the uk it’s just filled with spice heads :weary: