What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


celebrating swedens national day, eating good shit and not working (well working a little bit, but from home)




Catching up on them Patreon posts. Listening to Sermon #1 and loving it. Also working on the wire frame work of my app idea, currently by hand.Visiting the grandma later today and need to get in some of that Python learning. Definitely not a natural programmer, but just another obstacle to smash.


Just roaming around London spending my crypto gains :laughing:


Today is a great day , came home , opend the mail box , and what do i find ??? . after some time of waiting , my Weapons license :bitrocket::beers: so now i can finally go out and buy some guns . I was thinking of buying a Glock 17, a AR15 , and something in 338 lapua .


check out the Hk VP9, it is sexy :wink:


just had a look , Mmmm Decisions , Decisions , now you made me think :grin: its nice


It is also crazy easy to field strip for cleaning and maintenance.


im feeling like a child in a candy shop :joy:


you might want to look into the Japanese panty gun too.


Being reminded of why the crypto space literally sucks to be in sometimes.
The amount of hacking attempts on me WEEKLY, the amount of fake accounts claiming to be me to scam others emerge WEEKLY. We take the full brunt of scams and hackery. We see it all. We LIVE through it all.
We will survive.


scammer everywhere! You have got to be careful. we had a scam recently in Australia where pricks were seeing out fake tax refund info.


No. Why they do that? Sir are you using service which in daily can track key words? like https://brand24.com/ so you can be informed of everything, daily or real time.


Fame and notoriety comes with a price ;p


hey at least you made it in life! lmao scammers want to pretend to be the dogelord


hope everyone is having a great week and just wanted to let everyone know, this is my favorite section in the entire pub portal. let’s keep this going!


Down at switchyards for startup pitch night.
Supporting VINwiki.com !


Consumer show. Time for my man to shine.


Looks like we could be set for another summer of clouds in England :weary:


Could be that weather modification… …