What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


So depressing though looking at grey skies everyday :cold_sweat:


this is where i’m working today:

good coffee… good vibes… good work. life is good.


This makes me want to get a laptop again. People generally don’t think working in other locations increases productivity, but it really does.


Enjoying our friday night with home made Korean food✌️


what species of wood are those boxes made of ? that is a lot of supers. :+1:


How many pens does it take to get 1/2 through the moleskin ?


Taco & IPA #whynot


Laying on the couch watching the Tupac movie All Eyez on Me from 2017, heading out for a walk soon


Pretty much me this coming week :joy:


lol aint happening thats for sure haha


We have a young team this year, so no one is expecting much to be fair


i see you with that soju! haha


Always be learning.



Thad why I am going to steal my partners muahaha she said I could anyways :man_shrugging:t2: Saves us money on buying another laptop


I see 김밥 kimbap and 소주 soju.


Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus)


Today I find myself in Rhodes. Very very warm.


Got off work at 10PM Saturday, have to show up today from 9AM-5PM, then go back on Monday from 3AM-11AM :saitama: .


The orange thing in the middle is a Kimchi pancake. But I messed up when I was flipping it. :sweat_smile:


Its been a while (20 years) since i did some shooting but i guess its ok .
1911 – R1 Enhanced / Remington .45ACP 50 shots at 16.5 yards.
But soon ill have my own HK UPS expert .45ACP cant wait :grin: