What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


wow nice, @altcoinchick


If people want to see it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPjKuJPxAVw (5mins) plus just got accepted to an adventure film festival :smile_cat:


If I had a lambo I’d take up two spaces too. There are so many jealous people out their who would love nothing better than slam their door into your car.


signed up to see some schumck in Atalanta give a talk about something or other today


working on some door detail


Went out to trigger some snowflakes in DC. Failed miserably.


DC is awesome, Did you get to watch the changing of the guard?


Kicking ass and cutting grass :seedling::scissors:
:musical_note:Beastie Boys - License to ill


Haha mac I fucking knew you was kurt Kobain!!

Looking funky mate!


Shopping for a new concealed carry. #PEWPEWLIFE :heart_eyes:


Its Friday, that means dca the mining farm day.


Top off the jeep on the way to the beach


So worth! Crushing it!!!


Hammock camping & kayaking with my son


Ran a design thinking workshop at my company’s leadership meeting.
Got rewarded with praise and a bottle of champagne.
Also, two rounds of Golf this weekend.


Celebrating father’s day with the greatest man I have ever known and my kids


Ohhhh snap, the Lowry clan sent me some goodies!!!


Went to the Cafe for breakfast, picked up some light reading.

Seems there is now three different Crypto magazines in Sydney now.

Stay Fishy


Keto Strong :+1::weight_lifting_man: Im adjusting my grocery list for next week , thanks for the inspiration, time to take it to the next level.


Back from corporate duty. lol
Tryna read this… let’s see the knowledge it gives