What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Finishing up a home appliance section for our website. Gonna have to research new keywords for upcoming ads!

“Do the shit you hate so you can do the shit you love” - Mr Chu


Finished the school year a week ago. I have been attending some school seminars, meanwhile enjoying some peace here.


Got a nice 10 hour flight to Jamaica!


Starting shit on Facebook about these immigration facilities that Obama made and everyone is blaming Trump for. You know, poking the bear. :point_right::bear:


This guy’s hat though…


Because style. Do it bigly.


Looks awesome ACC! lkasdfj lkasdfj


Sunset view from the office. The camera didn’t capture the extent of the colors.


Finally made it!



When in Rome.



I’m doing 2 days of class on agile!

Plus. I made it on slate today… that slant tho!


Out in Oregon for a couple of weddings. Not getting too much alone time to grind out some work but I got some yesterday and today.

Got to work in this backyard so not too bad.


LChilling in Bali! Trading and chilling pooool side!!!


Playing pool​:beers::beers:


I’m writing articles on LinkedIn about our revolution


yoooo!!! I drink this like water sometimes. .


Just spotted this Bitcoin ATM at the airport. You can exchange your leftover Euro :euro: to BTC or ETH.


Working on my first online course on Machine Learning!! (Confusing but fun as hell :joy:)


We’ve had days and days of rain, which is very unusual for our normally dry mountain area. I haven’t paid attention to my yard and landscape for a few days but the sun finally came out this evening, and I discovered that my Nanking cherries are ripe! They taste so damn good.