What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Having a good time in Amsterdam with @FloridaWater :sunglasses:


i’m literally working in my garage today…

#startup …? lol.


I’m sitting at my work desk with Visual Studio open designing a SQL Server integration package. Tons o fun.


Wrapping up a project for the mummy ride at work today.


i’ve been deploying bots to automate business processes all week long… :dizzy_face:


Drove to the middle of the state with my kiddo to visit my folks’ new summer place for some boating & fishing on the river. Western South Dakota is beautiful.


Nice pontoon boat :rowing_man:

Good times


Oops. Put in wrong section. Oh wells.

Is it straight?


Just scored two tickets in the Masters lottery for 2019! As a golf nerd this is like winning the powerball!


Saw a bunch of Brazilians watching the game outside of NBC sports grill today.


Happy 4th July to you lot over the pond…



It’s exotic enough okay? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have work today but will find time to watch random fireworks outside.


Finally got round to recording something.


Don’t be salty about missing the Mayflower brother!



Grading student essays for their finals. 30-something essays coming up on how the SCOTUS is both influenced by and insulated from public opinion :man_teacher::sweat_smile:


I’m trying to catch up on all of Peter’s Decentralized TV videos. I’ve missed the ones over this past week and now I basically have a movie to watch.

Grabs popcorn and box of Cookie Dough

Let’s Go!


i try to listen to it, when driving , cooking, working out and sometimes when coding… yooo!!!


LOL. Yea I’m still listening to them now as I’m working on the Strat Business Plan for the company I’m interning with. I should do it in the morning when I make breakfast.


When cooking and washing the dishes it is the best. the dishes go by soo fast… LOL