What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


if you ever need someone to practice hangul with lmk!


Atlanta falcon.


Hell yea! Love boiled peanuts. It’s a Vietnamese thing!


Sailed from Darwin Australia to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea its good to have so much time to think about random things and to stair out the window all day and day dream

Now installing the new hardware for the next project seismic survey exploring the unknown


working on finishing this . yooooo!!


I’ll come back to that… you are located in 한국?


Impromptu girls night to go to Clay Walker at The Knuckle Saloon in my hometown of Sturgis, he was so good!


trying to finish this. yoooooo!!


YOOOOOOOOOOO!!! that’s that good combo right there


eating some Chinese takeout


I think I see 불고기 Bulgogi and 김치 지게 Kimchi jjiggae
Yummy yummy


Bro I love your faces


putting some of that knawledge to work :beers:


Wel this happens today :o

Not sure if legit though. Is this the same kraken exchange that was in japan


Just watching Sasha Baron Cohen’s new show. That bloke is the best at winding Americans up :joy:


Working at the Apple Store in SF:


reppin’ #yen !


Watching the kiddos have a blast



yeah its perfect, keep it like that haha