What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Working in Sheffield today and someone decided to park on the road closure. Cya :joy:


The basic Scrum and agile course will be provided by my company. It’s just a one day course to see if I like it. After that I can follow training outside my company. Any suggestions?


I mean. I teach and certify… come to atlanta?


That would be amazing! :sunglasses: I don’t mind to fly over next year.


Nights :weary: least I get to catch the livestream whilst I wait for these to finish


I’m working on a large project (under contract), currently classified, but it is likely to be the first hybrid blockchain implementation as far as I can tell :slight_smile:

Commercial contract, so can tell you when it is official.

Stay Fishy


I have been asked to write a pretty longform article about blockchain and crypto in general (for newbies) and the future of a decentralized web. Yes, writer’s block now, plenty of ideas but too much doubt about my English. I want to write creatively… like the great ones out there. I am always hard on myself like that, lol.

meh… maybe I should just start writing and see where it gets me…


Still in the negotiation process, but the project is:

Should be fun :slight_smile:

Stay Fishy


Watching @CryptoMom


omg Crypto Mom without smile is rather very unusual thing…


i donno man, she’s always giving me disapproving looks :smiley:


Bringing the upsidedown to life


That must be how Australians see the world :thinking:


going to church


So, that’s has been prepared for Halloween Night right?

What’s gonna be?


its just a prop we set up for one of the scare zone areas. LOTS and lots of themeing has been done. i’ll be covering it in some videos soon.


There’s a Stranger Things part of universal ? :o


you bet your sweet candy ass.


I went to their Halloween night last year, didn’t seem to be as good as the first time i went :confused:


Building a few of hacking tools with Python…