What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


You’re always just asking for a sideways look though :joy:


I bought a new pair of kicks

And I got new glasses. What y’all think? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Most excellent! Matched your hair to skin ratio… in terms… of … color… …


Drum and bass keeping me going.


Lol I absolutely did not buy those glasses :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Home from work, now working on content among other essential daily tasks.


How’s everyone going! Been ages :sweat_smile:


Hey! We missed you, how’s the house constructions going? Welcome back :beers:


Season 5 of bojack in out. :+1:t3: not my idea of decor btw :joy:


Bombing down the back roads of Michigan about 30 miles east of big rapids… had to pull a couple u turns to snag a pic of this behemoth lol


Gathering the Cryptonauts and QMs to meet @sukim!


Well fuck me I missed it.


That Charlie lee tho with @Groovedude


Hell yeah, get Chuck to shill Yen. He’s shilled none litecoin related projects before.


Yoooo welcome back bro! :beers:


In the North of Sweden at home at the moment

Chilled pretty much on the couch all day

Went into town for a bit with the mrs and the girl to have a massive thai feed

Looking forward to a new week tomorrow with an upgrade release of one of our products and some other exciting developments happening in the company in the upcoming weeks.


Try walking next time, its good for your health


Playing some PUBG. Love a makeshift human centipede.


went and saw Thomas Jefferson’s grave the other day. Cool guy, doesn’t say much these days though.

I do wonder what he would think of our world and what its become today.

@MaxP “Cosy”


Working on the wall space for YouTube Studio Recording, Note: I am not a DYI Guy. As I’ve told many of my friends in the past, I am a cook not a carpenter. Today I told myself, argue for your limitations … you shall have them. Now I just need a good OBS tutorial to edit video… :film_projector: