What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


You mean the outdated political system we have in the UK knew nothing about new technology? Nothing surprises me with UK politics :pensive:


Had a brainstorming session this morning about creating a k-12 school that would merge liberal arts, ag life and tech. We tend to focus on one or the other.


Today I’m studying more on how to create and launch an ICO to finance VARWEE. After seeing @peter’s video today telling us that we need to tell our story more, I’ve added it to my to do list to work on telling VARWEE’s and my story. I’m just not sure where to begin or how to tell it or where to put it . Any suggestions? :thinking:


bricks are mortared and sealed. Time to clean this place up and head home :rocket:


Working on the roads and bad weather don’t mix. So got the night off and I’m hungry for chicken dinner.


Anyone on Xbox can add me btw. That’s my gamertag in the top left


I gotta get around to playing this… :gun::doge:


I’ve Played on PS4 but I play on PC now much more fun to me.


All my mates are on Xbox so just makes sense to keep on that


Man, XRP just flew past ETH to gain the 2nd position… If you had 100k in XRP Monday You’d have something like 215k today… I knew I should have loaded up the ripple card… fkfkfk, lol


load up on XRP at your own risk…


just got this today for an upcoming podcast recording… i have no idea what i’m doing.


Hows that book was thinking of getting one for my little ones.“And Myself”:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Shiney!!! :star_struck:


I was just talking yesterday about TRON, to a few investors and today this was published… The headline is misleading …but,

If you read on it talks about how it is twitter data… quasi-reliable, but the numbers do show it is quite undervalued using a variety of data to quantify the conclusion. Cardano is another one… but my problem with Cardano is the fact that they claim a 1 of a kind proof of stake… or Ouroboros as they call it… but it relies more on trust. The question then is who are we trusting? First pitched by developers Scott Nadal and Sunny King in 2012, proof-of-stake offers what is claimed to be a more sustainable alternative to proof-of-work, which I agree it is a possibility of the future but it seems a lot to me like the trust factor is for the investors to trust the central authorities ruling the Cardano mafia to maintain the security, building process and overall sustainability. Like Ethereum’s Casper, one could easily assume the general consensus is powered by the wealthy, or the controlling elite of the stake holding wales, thus essentially eliminating the entire ‘decentralization’ mechanism that is what makes a viable crypto-currency valuable and desirable.

For now I will just be holding bitcoin and a few alts, playing the pump gamble occasionally with the newly listed “products” on coinpuffs, and staying away from XRP, and stablecoins.

That is all that was really on my mind for now… but it is the weekend and there is no one is in the office to bore with my rants and predictions haha, hope everyone has a great weekend.

Loved the group youtube video last night, cool seeing everyone at one time:P


Up near the dales tonight.


Join the crowd lol. I don’t know what I’m doing either. I’m just doing it :joy:


@CryptoDad Experimenting… chicken, mustard & rock salt. This could be great or an epic fail! :joy:


it’s pretty darn good!!!


Looking through batch of new shirts from the printer. :slight_smile: