What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


that you are… that you are… and i love it.


Working on that social media ‘pump’ … people seem to like the “Crypto Cowboy” thing, … go figure!!! :cowboy_hat_face:


Getting back up in this…


Took a trip to the fair


Anyone else going to be on the Black ops 4 hype this coming Friday?



I’m debating buying it yeah! If I get I’ll let you know mate


Came home from work to surface pro not working. Finally get it going and like an idiot instead of instantly backing everything up I start using it like it wasn’t just acting a fool. Safe to say it’s down again and now it’s just like :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Going to workout to blow off steam hopefully I can get it up and running :pray::pray::pray:


really? any idea why? I just got a new one…


No clue, I have the surface pro 3 so it is already 4 years old but still… I’ve enjoyed mine up until now, from what I’ve read this is a problem with my device and I’ve just been lucky not to have it happen until now, that all my warranties are up :roll_eyes:… I need to fix it or replace it ASAP to keep the video grind alive plus I’ve got some more ICX to swap so yeah… Not ideal to say the least but I’ll make it work, doing all this shit on my phone is weird and awkward to me. Want a desktop cause more power for less but I’m still addicted to the portability my surface gave me.

Any recommendations would be most helpful…


Not to sure on recommendations… I did a bunch of research on the device before purchasing, and it seemed like earlier versions did have issues, what got me to buy is after talking to all my i.t. friends and researching, it appears the bugs and issues have been worked out. I have been so happy with it thus far, it is great. I did expect a lot for the ruffly $2,500 price tag for a tablet/laptop, 2200 for the device and a few hundred for the accessories (Alcantara keyboard, surface pen, travel case). It hasn’t let me down yet, I’m a Microsoft fan though, I don’t really care for macOS, I used to be a linux guy but Microsoft has gotten their shit together so to say (in my opinion) and I enjoy the simplicity. I don’t use the Edge browser, never really liked it, but for now, this is my daily driver. I would recommend getting a new i7 or surface 6, well worth the money in my opinion.


oh man, this is great, I wish all girls were this enthusiastic about crypto




I wish I could blame this on an update but unfortunately I can’t :expressionless:


I’ve never had any update issues with windows 10 pro… previous versions, yes


Want a LAMBO?
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Back down in Birmingham til Sunday. Hope you lot affected by the hurricane are keeping well.


The surface pro 3 is unofficially officially a paper weight, need to figure out next moves quickly cause I’ve got shit to do.




Just building a simple project. How’s it look??